“I’m okay with killing you.” Taylor said. Maddie got up from her crouch position and looked at him. “I wasn’t talking to you.” She said. “Now as I was saying….. Carlie, do you want to play a game?” She asked. “Depends on the game.” I said. “How about killing that human girl over there?” She said. I looked at her and smelt the blood…. It smelled clean, untouched, it was mouth watering. Immediately my throat started burning. I looked at Maddie and smiled, just then a boy walked up to the little girl and smiled he picked her up and walked into Wal-Mart. I smiled and ran over to them. I bit into the girl’s neck and killed her. I pushed the boy over with one push. He landed on the ground with his hand bent in an odd position… I looked at him and just as I was about to bite down I heard a voice. “Like father like daughter.” It said. I turned around and saw a man looking at me. He was beautiful and looked perfect. “Who are you?” I asked. “I am your REAL father.” He said. I looked at him and wanted to burst into a sprint towards him to hurt him. “I see you’re angry.” He said. “Yes I am!” he looked at me and smiled the vanished.

Ian looked at her and started advancing. “You really think you can hurt me?”Maddie said. “I’m strong enough to kill a 100 year old vampire I don’t think a 24 hour vampire can stop me.” He said. “Have fun…. Tracking me.” Maddie said. When I looked back up she was in the distance…… “Ian, what where you saying again? Oh yeah that I don’t know who I think I am.” Taylor said. “I am not going to start an argument because I know that’s exactly what you want me to do.” Ian said. “Fine, well at least let me talk to the buzzing neon girl.” Taylor said. I flinched away. I was scared of him. But then I thought because of him I will never have children and I will never die like a human, and I won’t age. I walked to him and then us where face to face. “Listen Carlie, we need to have a hideout place. We need to stay at your house since everyone is dead already.” Ian said. “I agree,” Taylor said. Taylor leaned in and kissed me passionately. “Now we can be together.” He said. “I always hoped I could do this, “I said “Do what?” asked Taylor. “This” I said. I pulled out a stake and almost drove it through his heart but instead I thought of how many people I had killed. I would kill him when the time was right. Now was not the time.

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