Chapter 11: Plans

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Wow. Just wow. Holy Merlin! No wonder Percy knew Athena liked owls. He didn't read it, but he probably met the goddess. This explains everything.


There. I said it. I motioned for Hermione and Ginny to swim up, then made the air bubble dissolve.

They swam up, and I followed.

When we reached the land, Hermione charmed herself and Ginny dry. She had a look on her face saying 'that explained everything' which that explanation probably did. She was more like Annabeth than she knew.

Ginny's mouth had formed an 'o' as she still struggled to process everything she just heard.

"Please don't tell anyone about this." I whispered at them before throwing the cloak on us and sneaking back to bed.


It was not until I had completely gotten ready and was on my way to breakfast when I realized my invisibility cloak was stuffed apparently hurriedly into a drawer. I saw that after finding out it wasn't at the bottom of my trunk.

Someone must have used it. I looked at Ron: the only one still in the room sleeping. Then I remembered that Percy said he'll tell Mione and Ginny about that tattoo. Ron must've followed them!

I felt a bit guilty that I couldn't stay awake, but surely if Ron found out, he could tell me.

I headed down to the great hall to see Death Eater Boy with Mione and Gin. The three of them looked so happy, like myself, Ron and Hermione were before Jackson came.

I sat down and was nearly finished eating when Ron came down, blinking and yawning. "Hey!" I whispered as he sat down next to me. "Did you manage to follow them last night?"

He shook his head. "Sorry Harry, I fell asleep. Judging that you're asking me, I take it you didn't follow them either." I shook my head in reply.

It bothered me that someone had used my invisibility cloak. But whom could it be?

I looked at Hermione and Ginny with Death Eater Boy and realized something. They must've used the cloak to get around without being seen!

I smirked. Today, I had to get Jackson into trouble. And I probably will. The first lesson of the day is DADA.

Short I know, but the next chappie will be much longer.
Question: Who's house-elf was named Winky?

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