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It was a beautiful Monday morning. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and everything was happy. Now, as we look at the twins, we would see that they were... still asleep... (Cheesy beginning, yes, but I thought- What the hell? :3) Right on time, the sounds of 'Guilty, Beauty, Love' could be heard throughout the room.

"Hika..." Kaoru mumbled sleepily, "Hika... answer your phone..."

"You're closer Kaoru. You get it..."

"Answer it for a kiss from your twin?"

Hikaru grumbled something and turned away.

"A kiss from your boyfriend then...?"

Kaoru smiled when Hikaru reached for the phone. He buried himself back into the pillows as Hikaru talked to Tamaki. "Tono, what the hell do you want?... No, Kaoru's the one sleeping... I don't care if Haruhi's going to be wearing a dress today!... Quit sulking in your corner. We'll see you there." With that, he hung up.

"What did Tono want Hika?"

"To get us up, and to give me a detailed description on today's cosplay."

"What is it today?"

"Some sort of 'rich lifestyle' theme. He wouldn't shut up about Kyoya and Haruhi wearing the maid's outfits."

Kaoru raised an eyebrow. "Kyoya Ootori? As a maid? Hikaru, I believe Tono has gone completely insane."

Hikaru shrugged. "I saw it coming. By the way, Kaoru?"


"Where's my kiss?"

Kaoru jumped out of bed, away from his brother. "You heard Tono, Hika! Time for school!"

Hikaru growled, "Oh no you don't!" He lunged at his brother, grabbing him around the waist. He dragged him back onto the bed. "I want my reward first."

Kaoru rolled his eyes and gave his brother a small peck. Hikaru made a noise of discomfort and Kaoru flicked his forehead. "That's all you get for right now. Besides, we have to shower and you have morning breath." he teased.

Hikaru scoffed and dragged his twin to the bathroom. "Fine! But we're sharing a shower!"

"Don't we always...?"

In ten minutes flat, the twins were showered, dressed, and on their way to breakfast. This was always their favorite part of the morning. Why? Well...

"Okay, Kaoru. Say ahh..." Kaoru blushed faintly but opened his mouth so Hikaru could put a forkful of pancake(coated in maple syrup, mind you) inside. "Is it good, Kaoru?"

Kaoru smiled and looked down. "It's even better because Hika-Nii is feeding me..."

When they heard the faint squeals near the door, they smirked in accomplishment.

"Who knew the twin maids were fangirls." Kaoru laughed as him and Hikaru left their mansion.

"I think that every girl is a fangirl. Well, except homophobes." Hikaru said thoughtfully.

"You're gonna hurt your brain if you keep thinking, Hikaru." Kaoru said.

"Shut it, you brat, or big brother might have to punish you." They got inside the limo, Hikaru after Kaoru. "Ladies first." he chuckled. Kaoru pouted cutely and looked at his brother. "Aww... Come on, Kaoru. Don't pout." he kissed his brother on the forehead.

"Why do you insist on treating me like a child Hikaru?" Kaoru complained, "You're barely older than me."

"Oh? Is this what you wanted?" Hikaru pushed his lips to his brother's forcefully, wrapping his arms around Kaoru's waist and pulling him onto his lap. Kaoru whimpered slightly when Hikaru bit on his bottom lip. Kaoru shook his head and pulled away. Hikaru had a disappointed look on his face that Kaoru had to laugh at.

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