Valentine's Day Special (Doesn't Relate To Story line!)

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Your P.O.V:

"ACHOO!!" You sneezed loudly, rubbing your already raw nose with a tissue.

Dozens of them were littered all over the room, and you didn't bother to pick them up since you could barely move.

"Ugh.. who knew regalias could get this sick..?" You groaned in annoyance, stuffing your face into your pillow.

The fact that you were sick wasn't  even the worst part either.  It was Valentine's Day, and your cold had ruined your plans with Yukine.

You had been planning a nice picnic date by Suzuha's sakura tree for months with the aid of Hiyori, but all to no avail.

"This really sucks," You said with a distorted voice due to the fact that your nose was stuffed.

Suddenly, Hiyori stumbled in the room adorned with a cute sweater dress, some rugged lace up boots, and her chocolate lockes twirled into curls.

"Hey, (Y/n).. Yato and I are about to leave pretty soon.. sorry you're stuck in bed like this.." Hiyori consoled you, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Its not your fault, don't worry about it. You look pretty though... Yato's really lucky today..!" You said with a sympathetic smile.

"Nah, you're the gorgeous one around here.. anyways, Yukine will be here to help take care of you.  I hope you feel better." She said with a cheerful smile whilst squeezing your hand tightly.

"Thanks... have fun." You said with a fake smile before Hiyori carefully shut the door behind her.

You sighed somberly, snuggling up in what felt like a thousand blankets.

You shut your eyes, only to have your state of peace be immediately interrupted by someone else entering the room.

"Hey there, sniffles." Yukine chuckled, lying beside you on the bed.

"Shut up.." You growled, turning away from him.

"Are you still upset that our plans were cancelled for today..?" He asked nicely, rubbing small circles into your back.

"Maybe.." You whispered, your eyebrows falling into a glare.

"Just cause we can't go on a picnic doesn't mean we still can't do something fun, (Y/n)." His voice lit up, as he raised his eyebrows.

"Like what? I can barely move, Yukine. " You said as a few hacking coughs tagged along.

"You can move your fingers, can't you?" Yukine said with a smirk, placing a PlayStation 4 controller in your hand.

"For real? Where did you get the money to buy one?!" You asked him excitedly, your body shooting out of the confinement of your bed.

"Saving up. And if you can barely move, then-"

"Never mind that, let's play something!" You clapped a hand over his mouth and sat on the floor aside from the bed.

Yukine silently smiled, grateful that he had been able to cheer you up.

Seeing a smile on your face was something he just simply couldn't get enough of.

Within minutes Yukine had set the console up, and the two of you were blasting away at other characters in GTA V online.

"Hah! Bet ya didn't see that one comin' sucka!!" You screamed at another player you'd just killed.

"H-how did you get so good at this?! I thought you said you'd never played before!" Yukine asked in awe.

Your player was climbing up the rankings and in every gang war the two of you engaged in, you were the reason for the win.

"I don't know.. it just came on to me like it was natural.." You said calming down and wiping your nose with a few sniffles.

Yukine's golden irises sparkled brightly at you.

Inside of his head the same words kept repeating over and over: "Man, she's a keeper.."

"Stop starin' at me like that! We've got a game to play!" You giggled, tapping on his controller.

"Okay, okay! Just don't take all of my kills this time.."

"You'd better beat me to it, then..!" You said whilst firing a rocket launcher at the player Yukine had planned to take out.

"HOW?!" Yukine questioned you loudly, throwing his controller up into the air and glinted at you with wondering eyes.

"Skills, Yukine. Skills.."


It had been a few hours of the two of you yelling at the scream and cheering when you'd won. You'd both played an abundance of games (most of which you'd won much to Yukine's disapproval.)

By the time you'd finished, the sun's bright rays had been replaced by the dim light of the moon wavering against the wall.

Even soon enough, the hype calmed down and you had found yourself snoozing away in slumber on Yukine's shoulder.

He threw a blanket over the two of you, and wrapped a tight arm around your waist.

"See? That wasn't so bad was it..? Just you and me, playing games.." Yukine whispered to himself, though the questions were directed at you.

You breathed lightly, a light blush painting your resting face

Yukine smiled contently, pressing a small kiss to your forehead.

"Happy Valentine's, (Y/n)."


Okay, okay I know this chapter was a bit shorter than usual, but hey, I got it out right?
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Anyways, I hope you guys are all having a good Valentine's day. I unfortunately don't have a Valentine but I have my dog and a chipotle burrito so that counts for something, right XD
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