Thirteen: Epilogue

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Ok tbh I have writers block so I'm sorry to all of you guys but I will be making other Ross X readers hopefully they will be better then this book.

-Time Skip 5 years-

You gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Bella, and you and Ross are going to get married in a month. Your channel has gone from 5,000,000 to 9,000,000 and you've moved out of the apartment and got yourself a small two bedroom house.

You've started to work with lots of other youtubers including Ldshadowlady, JackSepticEye, TheOrionSound, Joey Graceffa, ect.

You have the perfect family, Ross your adorable and hilarious loving husband and Bella your little ball of joy.

I'm so sorry that this was literally the shortest chapter I've ever made. Yeah I tried to make it long by adding some of my favorite youtubers in. Well that's about it bye❤️❤️!!!!!!

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