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There are lots of situations or chaos in this world that can be solved easily.

My life is full of chaos and problems, but not those major problems, what I mean is, girly problems. Like, what should I wear? Which shoes? Which bag? Which lipstick?

I wished that those are the only problems in my whole life, but no, our lives doesn't run like that.

Darating din yung araw na kailangan nating harapin ang mga bigating problema.

But my problem was different.

When I met this guy, my life changed.

I tried to be friends with him, but I was out of his league.

I annoyed the hell out of him and tried to get to know him.

But the next thing I knew, my life was in danger.

Entering this guy's life was risky, but I never regret it.

He has no choice but to protect me.

Will I survive this wolfy chaos and find love in this adventure?


Yup, this story is about wolves. hihihihihi.

Inspired by EXO and One Direction!!! :)

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