Chapter Four

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Cara's POV
Its feels like the middle of the night and I still couldn't sleep. I sat upright giving up and checked the time on my old iPod 4 touch that somehow survived the fire. It was 10:00. All I could think about was my parents and Cameron. I thought I was delusional when I saw the adoption papers he left on the chair. But when I got up, there was my name and his signature all over the papers. I don't know if I'm happy or not considering that I just found out about my parents a couple hours ago. This time I didn't argue because I know Cameron wouldn't lie to me. I wonder what he was doing at the moment.
Cameron's POV
I glared at Nash who looked amused by the whole thing going on. If looks could kill, he would be long gone right now. In my house and my property stood the bitch who broke my heart a couple years ago. Rachel Bentley. A sudden feeling of anger took over me as I screamed,"Get out of my house you-".

She cut me off making me more mad. And just when I thought it couldn't get worst, she said," I'm not here for you, I'm here to check your house and see if you approve for adopting. Trust me I am as pissed about this as you are".

Then she did that little eye roll thingy that made me fume. I tried to be nice while we uncomfortably sat down on the couches.
" Why did you have to come out of all the people in the world", I whispered under my breath to myself.
I guess she heard because she loudly stated," Your the one who needed someone right away and I was the only one there other than Andrea". I looked at Andrea who was beside her and she mouthed 'Help me' with big eyes. I hid a smirk and answered all the questions Rachel drowned me in then showed them around.
"And that's where Cara's room will be", I opened the guest room door which was empty.
"Ok thanks bye lets go Andrea, now", Rachel rudely shouted and rushed out the door. I dropped on my bed and sighed heavily while my text ringer went off. I sat up and reached for my phone on my nightstand and saw a text from Andrea.
C=Cameron A=Andrea
A= Ugh I have to do that awkward video with Kian tomorrow, the ex tag.
(A/N: go watch it because it's real)
C= Lol I'll make sure not to miss that video.

A= Oh by the way, if your actually serious about adopting this girl, I am almost 100% sure you passed.
I decided to call her and see if she was being serious.

My heart was beating so fast and I've never been so happy. I guess there's no turning back now.


C= Got to go freak out, goodnight. Oh tell Kian to call me.

A= Goodnight faggot
I ignored that because of how happy I was and hung up. Just as I hung up, Nash barged into my room. We spent the rest of the night eating cookie dough ice cream and setting up Cara's new room. I couldn't sleep or wait to tell her that I adopted her the next day.

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