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We did it everywhere, the pool, the pool house, the backyard, the car, the living room, the den, the kitchen, all the bathrooms, his room, my room, the hallway. He was a drug and I couldn't get enough of him. Sometimes I hoped Quinn's practice would run late so I could get a few minutes alone with him, just him and I breathing in sync. I know it was bad, my feelings towards him, not only was he my best and only friend's father there was a huge age gap, but when I was with him none of that mattered. He made me feel like I was something, he made me feel worth it, and it filled me up.

"I got you a date" Quinn says, to Harry the next day. I can't help but gasp, looking at her like she shot me in the chest.

"What?" Harry says.

"I got you a date, it's my swim coach, she is single, beautiful, and looking come on dad!" Quinn says, Harry glances over to me before clearing his throat.

"Quinn, I don't need you to be playing match maker with me" Harry says.

"Please Dad! It's just one date, she is an amazing women" Quinn says, before turning to me. "Isn't she Niall? Ms. Holland?" Quinn says, I clear my throat nodding.

"Wonderful" I say.

"Come on Dad, one date" Quinn says.

"Fine, one date" Harry says, I suck in a quick breath before putting on a tight smile.

"Awesome, I'll tell coach tomorrow" Quinn says, standing skipping from the room. I stand to follow her Harry grabs my hand.

"Niall" he says, I look at him.

"You're an adult Harry...." is all I say, before leaving I go to Quinn's room as she texts, her team mates. I lie on her bed staring at the ceiling. Hating the feeling that washes over me, Harry isn't mine. I don't claim him, we're just having sex I shouldn't be feeling this way.

"Niall, are you okay?" Quinn asks, falling beside me.

"Yeah" I say, glancing over to her.

"You know if my dad starts dating we can have parties, it's going to be so fun" she says.

"So, fun" I say.

That night I skipped dinner, I just showered and crawled into bed. Hating myself for ever thinking Harry and I were going to go any further than sex. As I drift off someone lightly knocks on my door. I roll over looking at Harry standing in the doorway.

"I am not in the mood" I mumble.

"Then can we just cuddle?" he whispers, he crawls into bed without my answer. Pulling me into his warm body, I try to ignore the warming in my stomach, and the heat coming off of him in deep waves. "If you don't want me to go on the date, I won't" he whispers.

"Why would I stop you?" I whisper, his grip tightens a little.

"You didn't come to dinner tonight, you seemed pretty upset" he whispers, I roll over looking into his emerald eyes.

"What are we? What is this? Are we just fucking?" I ask.

"Do you want to be just fucking?" he asks, his hand drawing circles on my back.

"I don't know what I want" I whisper, he stares me in the eyes before pecking me on the forehead.

"Go to sleep" he whispers.

"I set my dad up on a date" Quinn says proudly, the next day. We sat in a diner with Louis, Zayn, and Liam. Quinn basically sits in his lap and they laugh and talk about their day. I play with my chili cheese fries, thinking about last night. Thinking about Harry, thinking about everything.

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