Chapter 1: Open

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Age 6, Spring
{Your POV}

           You crouched down on the wooden floor of your cold home with tears streaming from your eyes.

          At the fragile age of 6, you suffered abuse from your parents. Your (eye color) eyes shine as you saw a fist coming your way.

          You grimaced as crimson red blood dripped from your nose. You watch in horror as your father talks with your mother.
Usually, this spells excruciating pain.

          She smirks evilly and walked over to you with a broken bottle. It's edges were sharp, and jagged. You had never gotten hit with a bottle, but you could vision the unbelievable pain coming your way. Your eyes were red, and fresh tears stained your cheeks. You had planned your escape for years on end.

           And this new weapon was enough to push that plan into a full start.
You knew you had to escape.

           In a matter of seconds you raced upstairs into your room. Your parents yelling at you from the bottom of the stairs. "GET BACK HERE YOU USELESS BRAT!"

          Through the screaming and constant punches thrown against your door you chucked your {Favorite Color} bag over your shoulder and grabbed your favorite clothes, toys, some food, water, and an old phone your grandma gave you for emergencies before she died.

          You sprinted past your mother and father before they could catch you and ran outside. You ran out into the street and into an alleyway were they couldn't see you.

          You scanned your surroundings in the dark, gloomy alleyway. You sigh and slide down the alley wall, hugging your knees as you let the tears flow freely.
You close your eyes and simply imagine being anywhere but in a dark alleyway with your pounding heart and stained skin. Darkness was consuming you, and you hoped you would not be seen. "Miss? Are you- oh my goodness! Why're you crying? Nao!" A voice called.

         You lookup to see a young boy, he looked a bit older than you, around 8 or 9. He had light brown hair and pink eyes that shined warmly and seemed to bring light into the alleyway.

        He looked way different than you. He looked clean and light in a fancy black jacket. The boy wipes away your remaining tears. "Tsk tsk, we can't have you crying now can we?" He smiles warmly again showing his snow white teeth. You stare, dumbfounded that such a classy boy would come into a gloomy alley way to check your well being.

          His hand slowly takes yours as he pulls you up gently. He was actually touching you, your broken, damaged, dirty, skin. He was a bit taller than you.
You of course weren't that short. He brushes a strand of your {Hair length} {Hair color} behind your ear. "Nao!" He called out again, his voice echoed throughout the alley way making it obvious the boy could hear him.

          He looked up the alley way and his smile widened. You follow his gaze to see a boy who looked exactly like him. Only his eyes were blue and his hair was a darker. "Nao, it's about time you came! This girl here was crying!" The light brown haired boy nods his head towards you.

          The dark haired boy who you sure is his brother looks up and down at you. Examining your features carefully, "what should I do about that?" He tilts his head towards his brother.

          The light brown haired boy gasps at him, "This girl here was crying! We need to find out why! It's not nice to ignore someone in need!" They argue, I smile.

           The dark brown haired boy looks over at me, "What are you smiling about?" He scrunched his eyebrows. His eyes flicker around the alleyway, searching for something.
"Huh? What are you looking at?"

A. Snap back
B. stay silent

Choice A.

            You stared up at the taller boy, your {E/C} eyes could stare deep into his soul. Which caused him to shiver before smiling lightly.
"You, and I don't like what I see."

           A moment of silence happens, Nao's state was warming and kind now, it seemed as if he finally accepted you after you just dissed him. As for Naoki, "T-That was awesome!" He laughs holding his stomach.

          He snorts cutely whilst clutching his stomach. You snicker at his laugh, finding it quite adorable. "So what's your name?"

          "My name is {Your name}." You smile, your beautiful features were being blinded by all the dirt and annoying grime on your face.
"So, what's your name?" You ask, tilting your head a bit.

         "My name's Nao, and this idiot right here is Naoki." He shoves his brother lightly as he chuckles. "So where's your parents? Shouldn't you be with them?" He asks, completely ignoring his brother's constant cries for him to stomach tickling him.

         You look down and shake your head. "They don't want me anymore. So I came here." You lie, clearing your throat.

        "You know what? You can come home with us! You can be our little sister!" Naoki giggles happily. Linking arms with your dirtied figure and dragging you into a nice limo parked outside of the alleyway.
The twins send each other a wink before getting inside.

Choice B.

         You stayed silent and looked down at your feet. Nao chuckles and holds out his hand mediocre hand. "My name's Nao, and he's Naoki. If you can't tell by now, we're twins." He chuckled again and you shook his hand. Naoki looked at you with bright eyes.
You thought he looked so cute.

         "Oh! I forgot to ask! Why are you in an alley way? Shouldn't you be with your parents?" Naoki questions. His smile fades a bit. Dropping into a concerned look.

        "I really don't want talk about this right now. Do you know any place or anyone I could stay with? I'll be good I promise." You say tilting your head.
Naoki smiles, quickly eyeing his twin before throwing his hands in the air.

        "You can stay with us." He says excitedly. You giggle as he grabs your hand and pulls you out of the alley way.

        Nao stares at you from afar. He seemed to lighten up a bit. A smile forms on his face as he continues to watch you and Naoki run off together.

"Nao! Are you coming?" Naoki yells out to him.

"Uh... Yeah! I'm comin!"

(First chapter. Background: this was the first book I've ever created and if you notice that many things change throughout the story that means I have learned something new about stories and I will fix up my story.)

(Edited: April•13•2018)

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