Chapter Three

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Cameron's POV
It has now been a few months since I first met Cara. The nurses that provide for her tell me that I'm the only one who can make her happy anymore. They also told me what her parents did and I have to admit, I was tearing up. Her parents would always abuse her, mentally and physically, but they left her in the house with the stove on so she could burn down with it. But Cara is still convinced that they are coming back for her any day now. And now I'm on my way to see her but it's different this time. Her nurses convinced me to tell her why her parents aren't there and so on. When they let me into her room, she was smiling hard until she saw my expression. I let out a long breath before slowly walking up to her and sitting beside her on the bed.
"What's wrong Cameron?" She softly spoke up. I looked up at her and started to tell her.
"Cara... I have to tell you something that your not gonna like. But it's the truth and you can no longer deny it because you'll be hurting for a long time. Your parents aren't coming back for you..... They are the ones who set your house on fire and are now in jail. And since you don't have any connections with other family, your being put up for foster care once your released from here."
I looked up at her and saw tears in her eyes. Other than that, she was just pail and staring into space.
"Bu-but I'm being released tomorrow..." She stuttered and started crying hard. I pulled her onto my lap and hugged her, telling her that everything will be ok but she cried even harder. All of a sudden she started to shake dangerously and then stopped. My heart started pounding hard in my chest as I screamed for a doctor. It all happened too fast. Next thing I remember was being pushed out by a bunch of nurses and pacing in the hallway. Why would her parents do such a thing to someone special like her. I'd be more than happy if she was my daughter and I would spoil her. If she was my daughter... I don't know what I was doing but my feet were doing the controlling.
I hope I don't regret this later bu- "Is Cara adopted yet?" The question slipped my mouth before I could stop it.
" Actually.... no", the lady at the front desk replied in her valley girl accent. It looked like she was more interested in me than the words falling out of my mouth.
I spoke up after her attempt at flirting with me and said," I want to adopt her. Do you think you can get those people who check out your house before you can adopt someone to come...tonight?" stretching out the last word.
She fluttered her fake eyelashes at me and replied in her annoying voice," Hahahaha, okayyyy! But you have to sign these forms before even being considered to adopt that dirtbag." I picked up the forms and a pen and started to walk away to sign them but turned around.
"You might want to pull your shirt up because your ego is falling out."
I left her gaping with shock all over her face. When I sat down and started going through the forms, I noticed there was atleast 20 of them. After a while I heard footsteps and looked up to see the same Barbie doll from earlier walking, more like strutting, towards me.
"Those stupid lady people you wanted are gonna come to your house at 10:00 tonight. And oh, the doctor said you can see Carrot now."
As I quickly got up and rushed past her I shouted," Her name is Cara!" When I got there she was sleeping so I decided to sit down and continue signing the papers. The thought that I'm gonna be a dad hasn't fully kicked in yet. My thoughts were cut off by the door opening and the same doctor who gave me stitches walked in to check on Cara.
" Nice to see you again Cameron. I'm guessing you want to know what happened to her. I quickly stood up and stuttered a 'yes' to her. She explained how Cara has panic attacks sometimes and she is on some medication. We started to have a long conversation and I checked the time. It was 9:30 and I still haven't cleaned the house! I quickly rushed out the hospital doors and started texting Nash to start cleaning the apartment while I drove there. When he asked why, I decided to tell him later considering we had no time at the moment. As I pulled up into the driveway, I noticed another car parked infront. I cringed at the thought that the people were already here. Chills started to go up my spine because of the thought that they don't approve of the mess. When I slowly started making my way up the flight of stairs, I got a text from Nash.
C=Cameron N=Nash
N: Dude where are you? There's these two ladies in the house asking me questions about why we decided to adopt a kid? They think we're a couple!!!

C: I'm on my way up the stairs. Is the house still messy?!

N: Don't worry man I got that covered. Care to explain now?

C: Later, now open the door.

When Nash opened the door, I was met with two familiar faces that made the blood stop rushing through me. This was gonna be a nightmare....

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