Chapter 4 (First Day At The Hellhole)

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Sophia's P.O.V

On my way to school I stopped at Starbucks to order an ice latte and a cake pop.

I know what your all saying, its too early to be eating sweets but I don't give a shit, that's just how I roll.

15 minutes later I pulled up in the parking lot of the school.

I got out of the car and heard a gasp, I looked to where I heard it from and saw the douche I beat up at the mall. When he noticed I was looking at him I smirked and walked to what seems to be the entrance of the school.

Once I went through the doors everyone in the hall stopped what they were doing and stared at me.

"Don't you have anything better to do than stare at me " I said in an annoyed tone and glared at them.

They all turned away and continued what they were doing , I smirked and walked to the front office.

I walked in an went up to the lady at the front desk.

"Hi , how may I help you ?" the lady asked. 

"Umm hi I'm new and I'm here for my timetable" I said. 

"Sure, so your the new english girl everybody has been talking about ?" she asked.

"Yea I suppose"  I said.

"Here you go , I'll call someone in to show you around " she said.

"Thanks" I said .

I went over to the waiting area to sit . About 2 minutes later the same guy I bumped into came in. he and Mrs. Wright ( I learnt her name while we had our little chat ) were talking and she pointed to me and he turned around .

When he saw me he looked surprised, he signed for me to follow him so I got and up followed him.

Hayes p.o.v.

I just came to school and I've already been called to the front office , so that's where I am headed to.

I walked in and went straight to Mrs. wright

"I have  been called to the front office can you tell me why is that " I asked. 

"Oh yes Mr. Grier there is a new student and I am asking that you show her around please" she said.

"Hell no, get one of the welcome committee to do it " I said.

"Remember now Mr. Grier, unless you want your father knowing about the fight that almost got you expelled you would do it " she said.

"Fine where is she " I asked.

She pointed behind me and I was surprised at who I saw, It was the girl that bumped into me at the mall. I signed for her to follow me .

When we were out of the office I turned to her.

"Your the hot british girl that bumped into me at the mall aren't you " I asked with my signature smirk, she rolled her eyes at my comment and nodded her head yes.

"The names Hayes, What is yours baby doll ?" I asked.

"First don't call me baby doll and my name is Sophia" she said.

"Ok I won't  call you that, pass me your timetable baby doll" I said with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes and passed her timetable and I saw that we had some of our classes together.

"We have some of our classes together" I said with a smirk.

"Oh great," she said sarcastically. 

"Oh baby doll that hurt my heart."

"Whatever," she mumbled.

We finally arrived at homeroom, we stopped at the door just as bell rang and I turned to her.

"The homeroom teacher is pretty chill, his name is Mr. Jones," I told her.

"Okay," she said and we went into the class.

"Great to see you on time Mr. Grier ", Mr. Jones said sarcastically and Sophia snickered along with the class.

"Oh but sir I have a reason for being late I was showing this hottie over here her way around the school" I said.

"Oh you must be the british girl" he said. 

"Yes" she said. 

"Very well, take your seats".

I went to my seat and Shopia sat beside me and Mr.Jones told her to introduce herself .

She stood up and went to the front of the class and started introducing herself, on her way back to her seat Amber came in the class and came over to her .

"Bitch get your ass out of my seat" Amber said. 

What Sophia said next shocked Amber and the class.



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