One Man's Trash (SAMPLE ONLY)

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The Following is the first three chapters of my New Adult Contemporary Romance Novella, One Man's Trash!

One Man’s Trash

Book 1 (Musicology Series) (Diamond & Ryder)

New Adult Contemporary Romance Novella

Mature Audience 18+

Screwed out of a job promotion, twenty-two year old aspiring songwriter, Diamond Anderson moves to New York determined to make a name for herself. Along the way, she falls into a whirlwind love affair with gorgeous singer, JT Simons, sacrificing everything to support his career, only to be betrayed by him. Now her life, her job, her future depends on the help from the one person that she never thought she would ever need. Ryder Gillian. The first man to ever break her heart.


Diamond pulled the yellow drawstrings to tighten the white Hefty trash bag. She looked around the empty kitchen. She couldn't believe that she was saying goodbye to the place she'd called home for the past few months. Her very first apartment.

"On to bigger and better things," she whispered.

She grabbed the neck of the trash bag. "Oh wow."

The bag was heavier than she'd expected. She'd spent the last two hours emptying her fridge and cabinets. The only items left were a few bottles of water, a bottle of wine, and a large pizza. The movers had come earlier that day to get her furniture, boxes and all the large items. She was hopping a plane back to Georgia after giving her landlord the keys tomorrow.

"You need help with that?"

"No, sweetie, I got it," she said. She opened the front door.

"You want me to go down with you? It is pretty late."

She looked into his concerned eyes. "I'll be fine." She kissed his cheek. "You can watch me out the window if that makes you feel better." Diamond walked down the three flights of stairs and out the building. She looked up to her living room window and waved.

She checked out her surroundings. The sidewalk was covered with broken down furniture, an old TV, and a wooden baseball bat. Her neighbors on the second floor were moving out also. Although she tried to put on a strong front for everyone else, she was still shaken up over the events that had taken place over the last few weeks.

An unexpected chill went through her body as she rounded the corner, out of eyesight, to the trash cans. She opened the plastic lid and dropped the heavy bag inside. The hairs on the back of her neck rose. A shadow appeared against the brick wall.


The sound of his voice paralyzed her.

"Diamond, we need to talk."

Her pace quickened. What was he doing here? She gripped the lid with shaky fingers.

His shadow moved closer and she quickly turned around.

"What are you doing here? I have a restraining order. You know that."

"We need to talk. I still love you and I want you to give me another chance. I'm sorry for what I put you through."

"You had your chance. I've moved on. Now leave before I call the cops." Her voice was firm although her heart pounded violently against her chest.

"How can you say you loved someone and then move on that fast? I saw you with him."

He'd been watching her. She stared into his eyes. They seemed to glow in the dark. Like he was part human and part animal. He bit into his bottom lip and breathed heavily. She was trapped. She couldn't go around him.

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