Chapter Sixteen::Greywind

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Trying her best not to shake with worry, or fear, and resenting the urge to run as far away from the King as possible, Raina followed the guard to the designated tent, where she had been summoned by the King and his council. She knew, if the King was not the one to worry about, then the members of the council surely were, as one of the men that would definitely be there, was the man she'd been avoiding for some time, purposefully. The only upside being that Gregor would also be there, if anything were to go wrong for any reason, he was her last chance. However, she tried not to focus on escape plans, only what lay ahead of her. Save for the obvious, Raina could think of anything that she'd done that would require her presence at a small council meeting, not that she could think of anyway. She tried hard to recall any trouble she might have caused in the passed weeks, but none sprung to mind. The only thing being the one thing she dared not think of.

Upon reaching the tent, the guard leading her dispersed into a crowd of anonymous soldiers, and soon disappeared into the mass, leaving Raina to stare endlessly at the tent's opening, in hopes that if she stayed still for long enough, then the moment would pass. She was too scared to face Robb, not if he could possibly know, and she wasn't prepared to face her father, not yet, she wasn't ready to give up what she had, to be dragged into the arms of a monster. Perhaps it was her instincts flaring, but in that moment all Raina could think to do was run, as far and as fast like she had done before. That was all she knew how to do, it seemed, running and hiding until the trouble eased. This, though potentially the end of a long running game, was not so easily evaded. She had to face the King, and her father, eventually, now, despite the inconvenience, was just a time as any. Stepping through the wavering flap of the tent, Raina found herself locking onto the only comforting sight in the room, Robb. She found an odd sense of solis in his appearance, and even if this was the end of the line, his face kept her calm as she waited for it to be announced. "Ray, thank you for coming." The King's smooth voice rang out, leaving Raina completely shocked; did he just say Ray? She had not been expecting it, and yet was unable to feel any form of relief. He still didn't know. It meant she was still safe, but she had almost hoped it would be over, in an odd way, she was growing tired of running and hiding from the one she so dearly wanted to be with. And his inability to identify her was proving whatever they once had, was still far in the past, and despite her feelings, they were still unrequited. "Your Grace-" she stuttered out, her voice failing her as she looked for her father, whom did not appear to be present, "What is it that you need me for?" She asked, her voice regulating as the fear she'd once felt, dissolved somewhat. "I want you to accompany me, this afternoon." He stated abruptly, pushing himself off of the table he'd been previously hunched over. "You what?" She spat out in shock, probably not in the correct manner to address a King, but she was too astonished to formulate a proper response. "I trust your judgement. I want you to come with me to speak with King Renly, later today." The King explained further, his eyes locking with hers, as though no one else in the tent were there. "If you would not mind," he added, turning to look away, in a sheepish manner that Raina had seen so often when he was younger. It was his natural response to rejection, he'd hang his head in hopes that if he could not see someone, they could not see him. "Of course, Your Grace, I'm just surprised..." Raina replied swiftly, hating how upset and scared Robb appeared when waiting for her to decline his request. She'd always been bad at saying no to him. His face brightened, his eyes once again locking with his as a smile spread quickly across his clean shaven face. For whatever reason, it was clear the King wanted her company, as his response was like that of an excited child, brimming with withheld happiness. She'd only ever seen that in Robb a few times, but none of them recently. Perhaps he was beginning to see past her facade, recognising his old friend in that of a new name; or maybe he had just found someone whom he enjoyed being with, unknown to the lies used to create this new identity, that the King seemed to like so much.

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