Chapter 1

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N: Age- 8
Naruto's P.O.V
I looked around and smiled. Father was in the Hokage office and Mother was no where to be seen. I snuck out the door and stood in front of the Compound gates. I've never been outside the compound or the house for that matter. Mother and father home school me and make me use the indoor training ground. It was so warm and welcoming there were birds chirping and no clouds covering the sun. This truly was a perfect day. I walked up to the gates and pushed one open gulping. I smiled ready to walk outside when the gate closed and I frowned. Mother stood in front of me eye twitching, irk mark on her forehead. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING????" Could be heard throughout Konoha, not that people knew who screamed it or who she was talking to. I flinched and looked at mom using the 'puppy dog jutsu.'

"B-but mom I've never been outside of the house. I-I just wanted to see what it looked like." I looked at my feet for a better effect, "I'm sorry let's go inside now Mother, Father should be home soon." I grabbed her hand still looking down and started to walk inside. She looked at me with soft eyes and when we got inside set to cooking my favorite meal. Miso Ramen. After a while mother and father sat down at the table and we ate in silence. I quickly finished and looked them. "Mother Father." They both looked at me I continued, "I-I would like to enroll in the academy." Mother looked at me,

"Son. If we were going to enroll you in the academy we would've done it years ago. You're eight now in a few years they will all be getting teams, and you won't know any of them."

"Yes but Mother that's in a few years now I'll be able to make new friends. And what about a team I'm going to need a team right? Father." I liked at him and he nodded,

"He's right Kushina. He will need a team, and enrolling him now will give him time to make friends."

"But Minato if people find out who he is then, then he'll be taken from us. I just don't want him to leave me."

"Mom you can't keep me inside forever. I'm eight years old and I've only been outside once. I'm strong enough to take care of myself I am the Kyuubi Jinchuriki after all." She looked at me and sighed I excused myself from the table and went to my room. I closed my eyes and reopened them in a familiar sewer in front of a familiar cage. 'Hey Kurama you wanted to tell me something?' He nodded. 

'Okay kit just stay quiet till I'm done explaining. You are the reincarnation of the Juubi. You know the Akatsuki? Well their trying to get all the tailed beasts so they can bring back the Juubi. But they won't be able to bring the Juubi back because you are the Juubi. Yet they will still be able to control you with the mangekyo sharingan since your a Bijuu now. The best thing is you are a being of chakra a Bijuu a tailed beast! So if you die you're chakra will recollect and rebuild itself till you are brought back. It will only take five years you'll be the same age and you'll remember everything. Plus you stop aging once you hit 24. And if I'm removed you won't die at all Lord Naruto.' I stared at Kurama in shock. I was the Juubi, I am a Bijuu a tailed beast, a being of chakra. That must be why I have a lot more chakra then mom when she was Kurama's Jinchuriki. Ugh this is so confusing!

A/N so this isn't a chapter it's the prologue deal with it. Tell me if you like it if no one does I will never update again. And quite possibly delete this story. 👍

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