Chapter 15 | Rob them Blind

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(That's not exactly what happened......but I can do what I want lol) XD

I'm back! Sorry guys, I was on vacation (I went to Disneyland whoot whoot!)
And I kinda lost faith in my writings there for a bit, but I am not ever quitting no worries! I really want to get this out to you guys so I hope you enjoy!

(P.S) There may be some special little moments here n' there so don't miss them ;)

Without further ado - A LONG chapter for my lovelies

(It gets better as ya go)

"So, when are we robbing somebody?" Killian asks at the crack of dawn, as soon as the sun comes out, blinding then through the bug splattered windshield as they get back on the road.
He seems to be in a ridiculously good mood considering the fact that he'd spent the night stiffer than a board in the passenger seat.

"We aren't robbing anyone." Emma says calmly, rubbing her tired eyes causing him to shake his head, looking completely disappointed. "You can pout all you want buddy, but those puppy eyes are not effective on me this early."....... "Or at any hour!" She quickly adds, hopefully saving her butt.

I'll be regretting that.

Emma briefly side glances over to Killian, sure enough he's wearing a smug grin. His dark brows slowly rose and his grin got bigger by the second.

"Ah, well that's good to know love. Consider the challenge accepted... Though I didn't take you as the kind of lass to break a promise so easily." He practically taunted while purposefully fluttering his stupid eyelashes at her, making her feel both annoyed and guilty.

Her nose crinkled knowing he's right. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Of course she does; she practically remembers every word they have ever exchanged.

"Well allow me to recall the memory lass, you see - You said you'd teach me how you do so called 'pirating' if I stayed in the car that one time; I stayed in the car, so....When are you teaching me?" He leered and Emma glances at him, carefully assessing him for a moment.

"Lose the big rings" She first instructs and he frowns, outright refusing.

"Killian, They look ridiculous. And I'm not only telling you that because I care, but because you need to blend." "I'll have to steal you a jacket because that coat is too memorable." She mutters to herself, making a checklist in her mind.

Lord knows that face in that much leather will catch some wandering eyes.

"It's always nice to make an impression.." He murmurs and Emma shoots him a side-ways look.

"Not if you're trying to avoid being on the nightly news its not." She argues and he regards her for a long moment, his brow cocked as he thinks. The wheels visibly turning until he shrugs, deciding to listen to her this once.

"Very well," He sighs before getting off the chunky rings with his teeth.

Emma stares at the road ahead until the hot flash passes, deliberately thinking about everything except what everybody would think about in her situation.
She forces herself to not look effected because that's obviously what he wants - considering he could have ya know, used his other hand.

"Satisfied?" He asks her once he's done and slides the rings in his pocket, and Emma just nods, keeping her eyes peeled to the road Still not trusting her voice to speak.

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