Chapter 35

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I'm not even sorry for what you're about to read.
Warning I guess idk
Prepare yourself
No like srsly warning

"Please Jiminnnnn~"

"No, once was enough. That was embarrassing."

"Once was not enough, please, I never beg, look what you've done!"

"I refuse."

"I just want to hear your beautiful voice." I pouted.

We had left Hoseok's and went home a couple hours ago and it was currently two in the morning. My parents were no where to be seen, as usual.

Jimin wouldn't sing for me even though I continued to ask him to every couple of minutes.

I already tried tickling him and threatening him in stupid ways.

None of it worked.

So I came up with another approach.

"Don't you have school tomorrow? Go to sleep." Jimin scrunched up his nose.

We were lying in my bed facing each other.

"I'm not tired."

"You're always tired Yoongi."

"Well right now I'm not tired because I have other things on my mind." I smiled and poked his stomach, causing him to push away from me, almost falling on the floor. He glared at me.

"I'm not going to sing again, sorry."

"I can make you sing in other ways." I tried, smirking and pulling him closer to me by his waist.

"Oh my god, no thanks." He tried to turn to his other side but I made him stay in place, so he settled for just covering his face with his hands.

"Why not?" I didn't quite understand why I was so desperate to hear his voice, but I guess it just made me feel special to be one of the few who has actually heard him sing and to have seen another side to him that nobody knew about.

"Because." He stated simply. I removed his hands from his face and pecked his lips with my own. He did the thing where he turns red.

"Because what?" I did it again, leaving my lips lingering a bit longer than before.

"Because- I don't know."

"Exactly, you don't even know why." I pouted after I repeated my action from before.

"You're the first person I've sung to since then."

"Sing for me again."


"No buts."


Before he could continue I pressed our lips together again for what was supposed to be a quick kiss. It started off small and gentle, sweet even, which was nice. That quickly changed when Jimin decided to lick my lips.

The next thing you know, I was towering over him, our tongues dancing together with his hands tangled in my hair. I pulled away from him, kissing along his jawline before leaving wet kisses down his neck. I felt his breath hitch as I began to nip at the skin, on the search for his sweet spot. I sucked gently at different places on his neck, marks left behind I'm sure.

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