Tunes of Betrayal R rated Chapter

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"Well if it isn't my favorite felons."

Ashley and I share a chuckle and miss Madison and Aiden's shared look of confusion. We walk into Mrs. Williams home with my New Yorker friends behind us.

I smile as Ashley hugs the older woman that has broken into our hearts much like we broke into her back yard. She holds her arms out for me and I'm not usually a huger but for Mrs. W, I'll make an exception.

She's so cute!

I love old people.

But not in that Anna Nicole Smith kind of way because…ew!

Mrs. Williams rubs my back gently and lets me go.

"These are my best friends Madison and Aiden." Aiden and Madison decided to come with us to Mrs. Williams after Joey, Andrew and Mikey left for work.

"You just hand out best friend cards like coupons at the supermarket I see." I furrow my brows and try not to laugh at my friend.

Apparently calling Aiden my best friend is a no no.

She's so sensitive sometimes.

I glare at her because before we left the car I told her she had to be on her best behavior.

Apparently everything I tell her goes through one ear and out the other. Surprise, surprise.

Mrs. Williams chuckles and links arms with Madison, patting her arm lovingly. "I like her she's sassy."

Madison smiles widely and smirks at me then looks at Mrs. Williams. "Would you like to take Spencer's place as my best friend Mrs. Williams, because apparently I'm not good enough."

"Oh you…" Mrs. Williams starts then finally acknowledges Aiden. "I don't think you'd want that, I'm about to steal your boyfriend."

We all laugh as Aiden blushes and rubs the back of his neck nervously. Madison just sucks her teeth and waves a dismissive hand.

"You can have him, he's about to expire."

Aiden lifts his head proudly and links his arm with Mrs. Williams free one. "Gladly. Mrs. Williams shall we?"

Mrs. Williams laughs and allows Aiden to lead her further into the house and Madison smiles brightly.

"I like her better than you Spence."


Madison sticks her tongue out then sashays away towards her boyfriend and Mrs. Williams.

"Mmm I'd never trade you Spence."

I smile as she comes closer to me and grips my waist. "Good to know."

We share a quick kiss and we hear Mrs. Williams shout for us to have some lemonade.

"Does she serve anything other than lemonade?" Ashley asks will a small snicker.

"Right!" I swear that question runs through my mind every time we come here.

"I'm going to ask her for iced tea and see what she says!" I say in a quick whisper then dash towards the kitchen.

Ashley snickers and chases after me. "Spence don't be a brat."

"I wanna know." I whine as she pulls me back. She wraps her arms around my waist and we kind of do that cute waddle thing when you walk.

Ugh we're so cute it's disgusting.

"There you girls are I was just telling Madison and Aiden about how we met. Madison tells me you're a bit of a troublemaker at home Spencer." Mrs. Williams stands with her hands on her hips and I lower my head a little ashamed.

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