The Light's Courage

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Starting out with a new story :), had this idea for a long time so hope it's all good!

darkriverteardrop xoxo


The Light's Courage,

Written By darkriverteardrop 


That day was meant to be the best day of my life. I was getting married to a boy who I had met at university, he had been so kind, loving and sweet but very secretive at the same time. He had proposed to me, causing all my wildest days to come true.

His name was Rhodri, he came from wales and oh I loved him ever so much. One the day of our wedding, my train was dragging down the aisle and I could see him there standing with his suit, black hair gelled back.

I was nearly there until footsteps sounded behind me and a man pulled a gun out. He shot Rhodri and he fell to the floor. I ran, Rhodri couldn't die. People tried to chase after the man who had shot him but I wanted Rhodri.

I held him in my arms, crying, tears that shed. Rhodri said one last thing and that was 'the light's courage', I never understood what he was on about. I sat there as he breathed his last breath, wondering why he had died, why someone had shot him.

I vowed to find the answers and now six years on, I'm still trying to find them.

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