In Richwell High, there were only two rules, never associate with other groups that are different from yours and the populars don't talk to the lames. The populars were considered the most important group in this school. Within the populars were the jocks, cheerleaders, rich kids or the pretty girls. I'm the leader of this group because c'mon nobody can resist me. Besides this group wouldn't of exist without me. We're the only group that basically run this school. If you disobey the populars you would automatically be considered a lame. The lames are basically the freaks and weirdos in the school.

The other groups were the nerds, the smartest people in the school and most quiet. Then we have the band people, they're the ones you see in the hallway with all types of musical instruments. Next we had the foreign exchange students, those are the diverse cultural people. Lastly we have the emos and Goths, the most scariest people, they would always look at you as if they wanted to kill you.

I was considered the real deal in the school, obviously. Only because my dad built this school and I was the richest one here. The second richest was Hailey Johnson, my best friend. Hailey is the biggest bitch, she literally insults everyone that walks by her. She was the captain of the cheerleading team. She's also the type to steal your boyfriend and tell you about it. Hailey was extremely gorgeous. Her beauty was breathtaking. Most people in this school would die to look like Hailey. But I wasn't one of those people because I looked better than her. I actually hated Hailey for the longest. At first she wasn't part of the Populars. Believe it or not she was part of the lames at first. But that was only back in freshman year when she didn't have the good looks. She used to be a geeky tomgirl who had no sense of style at all. Then one summer during sophomore year, she had the biggest transformation ever. She lost all her weight and dressed differently. Some say, she only became like that because her boyfriend dumbed her for being ugly.

We became friends during junior year, right after when her parents gained a lot of wealth. Her dad was an inventor, one of his inventions became big which made him big. Her dad is now known as one of the richest entrepreneurs in Los Angeles. Hailey was basically the only person I trusted in my life. I tell her everything and I do everything with her. We were so alike and she's literally the only person I can relate to, she's like a sister I always wanted.

The next member of the Populars were the football team. The guys in the football team were the hottest guys in the school. Each one of them looked like they came from a modeling magazine. They were all blessed with good looks. The football team consisted of, Evan, Derrick, Charles, Tony, and Alex. These guys were also the school bullies, they would always pick on the lames or nerds. I actually felt pretty bad because they're being rude to those poor innocent irralevants. Evan, the captain of the football team was also my boyfriend. My annoying boyfriend. Evan and I been together for two years now. We were those type of couples that breaks up but then gets back together the next day. We had a lot of on and offs, a lot of arguments and disagreements, but I loved that boy to death. I would have to say Evan was my first love, I'm literally obsessed with that boy. He can be really ignorant and annoying sometimes but I was crazy for him. But he did do something to me that still breaks my heart till this very day.

Back in junior year, I caught him making out with one of the girls on the cheerleading team. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was in the school's parking lot. I was on my way to my car until I saw him in the car with Morgan. Morgan and I were basically revivals, the fact that he did that to me broke my heart. I cried for days, I'm stupid for forgiving him though. But he wouldn't leave me alone, he kept apologising day after day I actually felt bad for him.


We all walked together in groups down the hallway. Evan was by my side holding my hand while Hailey was hopelessly flirting with one of the guys. There was only 10 minutes left till class. My first period class was Math, basically the devil's work. I despised Math more than anything. Only because of the teacher, Mr. Mitchell. Every single day I step foot into his classroom he will always try to catch an attitude on me.

"Why is school so boring" I sighed out.
"Its basically hell in here why can't we just have school for only 2 days" Evan added.

"Because more people would be dumb like you" Tony said. Evan hit him in the back of his head. They're always this childish.

Tony then shoved him back, Evan lost his balance and bumped into me, causing me to bump into someone. A pile of notebooks and textbooks dropped to the ground.

"Evan look what you made me do" I yelled at him. The person I bumped into was a guy with dark brown hair, thick glasses, and hazel eyes. He was dressed in all black with a hood over his head. I haven't seen him around the school before, he was probably one of those irrelevant people in the school, the lames.

I helped the guy pick up his books but then Evan grabbed my hand and pulled me away. "Ari, what do you think you're doing?" He said to me.

"Helping him" I said.

"You don't have to do that, he's a lame, don't associate with lames" he said to me. The guy continued picking up his books until Tony and Derrick knocked it out of his hand again. They all bursted out laughing. I felt bad for the kid but I couldn't help but laugh myself.

"You guys are so mean leave the guy alone" Hailey said.

"Why? Is he your boyfriend Hails?" Tony teased her.

"Mute as my boyfriend?" She lightly laughed. "He can't even talk" Mute? I'm assuming that was the guy's name. It's an odd name for a person, it must've been some nickname he picked up or something. After the guy picked up his notebooks, he tried to pass us by but Evan grabbed him by his shirt before he can leave.

"If you bump into my girl again or any of us, you have another thing coming for you buddy" Evan said in a threatening voice. There was no response from the guy, he just had his attention faced to the ground.

"Wait I think he's actually going to say something guys" Derrick said. The guys surrounded him listening closely. There was still no response from him. Now I see why they call him mute. The boy is more quiet than a library.

"Guys don't be rude he can talk, every human talks" I finally spoke.

"Mute isn't human he's a freak" Tony added. Laughter came from the guys again.

Momentarily, the bell rang signaling everyone to head on to class. Evan and the guys finally left the Mute guy alone. He disappeared into the hallway with his hoodie still over his head. Hailey and I walked to math class while Evan and the rest of the guys went their separate ways to class.

Room 320. Mitchell's room. This classroom was a gateway to prison. Wait no, let me paraphrase that again. This room was a gateway to hell and Satan himself was waiting for me to enter. Another day of boredom and stress, God what did I ever do to deserve this?


hey babes! so that's basically the first chapter of this story! I hope you all are enjoying it so far. I wanted to publish this story for the longest, I've actually been working on this for a month now lol I was unsure if it was good enough. oh by the way, this story was inspired by my favorite movie, Cant Buy Me Love.(y'all should watch it!)

anyways there's more to come, im so excited holy fuck!

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