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lee chan's pov

There was one period left until the end of day came, and I had Japanese class. It was probably one of the class I hate the most. The teacher was boring, always speaking in this monotone tone, and I never understand a word he says.

As I entered the class, illuminated by the strong light from outside, my eyes fell on a familiar female figure at the back. I suddenly felt warm and all fuzzy. Moon Jiseul. She had long brown hair, delicate eyes, a small nose and pink lips. She looked so... fragile. Like a porcelain doll.

a/n: imagine yeri from red velvet as jiseul

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a/n: imagine yeri from red velvet as jiseul.

"Chan!" I saw Minhyuk wave his hand at me, a big smile on his lips. He was sitting two seats before hers. I smiled, and waved back at him, walking toward him. I saw Jiseul looking at me, but her face showed no expression.

I sat next to Minhyuk who started talking about the girl he have been crushing on since 7th grade. He shut up when the teacher came in, clapping his hands together, trying to get our attention.

During Mr. Yuk's lesson, I would discreetly look over my shoulder. Fortunately, there was no one behind me... So no one saw me staring at Jiseul. She seemed really concentrated, writing her notes, with her eyes half-closed and her forehead creased.

I also noticed she was left-handed.

I leaned over my arms and closed my eyes when she looked up. I didn't want to get caught... It would have been awkward.

The bell rang, and when I opened my eyes, my gaze met hers.

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