XXII: The Only Exception

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Darling you are, the Only exception.

You are the Only Exception.

You are the Only Exception.

You are the Only Exception.

And I'm on my way to believing.


QOTC: Sasuke: I'm not afraid of anything.

Sakura: Sure you are. You can't bring yourself to admit your mistakes. You could have achieved the happiness you ever wanted if you could believe that someone would love you, but you didn't take the chance. And you're gonna regret that for the rest of your life.


Chapter 22: The Only Exception

They were too late. She'd already casted a sealing spell with the door, not a jutsu; it was one of the basic techniques Kabuto had taught her. Then again, she was left staring at her hands as if they were made of steel. Then she ran and ventured throughout the hellhole.

The lab was all shabby and dirty, filled with cobwebs and blood spilled into the floor. The remains have brought a nasty odor into her nose as she banged in with every dungeon, searching for the furthest silver hair.

"Wakana? Are you in here?"

Footsteps were creaking. Sasuke was slamming the door but it wouldn't budge.

I warn you, medic. There's no turning back. These are the best of my creations and this could achieve the Immortality I ever wanted. They're different-special; more powerful you could ever imagine. They feed on blood; and they won't stop until they've had their fill.

She inhaled and held two bloodbags into her hand. She dropped one and when she turned around, it was gone.

There was a sudden brief rush of wind that botched her hair. She glanced behind but no one's in there.

The girl stood behind her, stumbling due to the elixirs that have been injected with her body; she stared at Sakura from behind but she wouldn't recognize her.

Sakura held a Kunai into her hand, ready to swoop if anything goes amiss. She glanced her head slowly, the same look she had the moment she and Naruto have taken their first brief look at Sasuke.

She blinked her eyes. "W-wakana? What have they done to you?"

"Sakura! Get away from her!"

Wakana shifted her head and laid it into her right shoulder, studying her. Her lips were bloody-red, dripping from the victims she had caused. Her face hasn't changed, but her clothing was torned from the experiment.

"Hey, it's me," Sakura kneeled and waited for her. She gestured at the bloodbag she was holding. "Look, I brought you some snack."

"Sakura! Open this door!"

The girl teleported as fast as she could and snatched the blood as she ripped it apart, sucking it with her tongue. Sakura threw another bloodbag and soon as she was finished, it didn't occur to her that she was next.

She gulped and thrusted every strength she had. "Wakana, listen to me... You can't do this,"

Wakana smirked and shot her an evil grin.

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