Chapter 1 - Ester house

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'Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars
We'll be counting stars
Yeah, we'll be counting stars'.

I sat in my mothers car, looking out the window, watching all the houses fade in the distance, the trees beginning to take their places as we drove further into the countryside.

'Okay, the jokes over, let me go home!' I groaned.

'No, Daniel James Howell, you are going to this fucking camp, so just give it a rest! We have another 2 hours in this car I don't want you moaning the entire time!' Mum hissed.

Saving the argument, I shut my eyes, falling into a restless sleep.

- -

'We are here, wake up!' I heard, as my eyes pulled themselves open.

I looked around, the place filled with about fifty other boys. 'Where are the girls?'

'Dan, I'm not sending you to a camp full of girls, I know what you got up to last year, and there will be no drinking or doing drugs this year. Please, just be good.'

'Ugh.' I moaned, jumping out the car.

Immediately, we got pounced on by a councillor.

'Hi, my sons name is Daniel Howell.' My mother spoke. I stood there, looking around at all the other boys who seemed to be happy being here, what the fuck was wrong with them?

'Ah, you are sharing a cabin with Jake, Sam and Phil. Jake will be your councillor, he's over there!' He smiled, pointing at a boy with messy dark hair, he looked rough if you asked me- like some drug dealer, but we strolled over to talk to him.

'My child is in your dorm?' My mum questioned, as if he knew, he looked like he was high.

'Er- yea- Daniel? Or Philip?' The man mumbled,

'Dan...' I replied.

'Ah, Dan okay, get your trunk and I'll take you to your room!' He sung.

I strolled slowly back to the car, and pulled out a large truck, my mum helped me lift it to the boy who led us through a small wood at the edge of the forest we saw a door that read, "Ester House". It was more of a small house than a 'dorm' or 'cabin,' we had are own little kitchen, a small bathroom, which had no shower, so I'm guessing they had showers somewhere else, and we had a extra room which already had two trucks dumped in it and the bedroom, which had two large bunk beds. It was nice, clean and rather fancy, but I still didn't want to be here.

'I'm going now honey, have fun, there's a visit day, in about a month, so I will come see you, okay, love you!' My mum chimed kissing my head and walking out with Jake going back to the car park area.

I sat on my bed, fumbling around with my trunk, pulling out various things to put in the room, making it feel more homely.

'Hey!' Somebody shouted, breaking the silence, I turned, greeted by a boy with blonde hair, soaked in gel, sticking up in all directions. 'I'm Sam, are you Dan?' He smiled,

'Yep.' I replied, 'is this your first time here?' I continued, I needed at least one friend in this freak house.

'Awesome, and no, this is actually my forth year!' He smiled. 'Don't worry, I was like you when I started, I thought it would be shit, but it's amazing, just you wait! You will be begging to come back!' He continued, his face over excited.

'I think Phil's new as well, actually. So I guess you won't be alone!' I nodded not really paying any attention.

'So, what do you do now?' I asked, looking at the time, it was almost 6PM.

'Well, we need to wait until everyone arrives, that's usually around half 6, then we cook our own meals in the fridge after collecting ingredients from the main centre, but I'll take you when I do that later to show you. Then we cook, eat and get to know our room mate, activities and things start tomorrow!' I nodded. Confused. I never heard of a camp which let us cook our own food, but I guess they are teaching us how to cook, and we have Jake, who seems old enough to cook without setting fire to the place.

Jake burst in, looking slightly wet, probably raining. Great. 'Phil's not going to arrive till around 8PM He lives like 7 hours away.

I hissed, 'Can we at least eat now?'

'Yeah, come on, we can get the food! But we can't cook it till he arrives,' Sam smiled, pulling me by my wrist out the door into the rain, great.

- - -

'Okay, we can have spaghetti or burgers or..' He continued, they had little packs full off different things. 'We might as well get out breakfast pack as well!' He chimed walking over and picking up a pack labelled breakfast day one for Ester House.

- - -

After deciding on burgers, we walked back up to our mini house. As we opened the door, and walked up the stairs, I saw a new truck, Phil must be here, thank fuck. 'And you will share a bunk with Dan,' I heard Jake say as we walked in. Phil glanced at me, his eyes were so blue, pure and perfect. He smiled slightly, sending shivers down my spine. What was wrong with me!

'We can cook!' Sam smiled, pulling me back down the staircase, Phil gave me a smile before turning away.

'Okay, can you cook?' Sam laughed, chucking a bag of chips at me. 'I can do the meat, just put in the chips and check on them, okay? Ask what people like in their burgers?'

'Yes sir.' I mumbled, chucking lots of chips into a tray and placing it in the oven. I walked up the stairs and into the bed, 'okay, what does people like in burgers?' I asked.

'Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, gherkins!' Jake smiled.

'Er, can I just have cheese lettuce and tomato.' Phil mumbled, almost inaudible.

'Sure thing! How many burgers do you both want?'



'Okay!' I smiled, running back down the stairs to tell Sam, once I did, I helped make up the burgers, then leaving them open to put the meat into it.

'CHECK THE CHIPS, YOU IDIOT!' Sam cried, realising they had been in for a while. I raced over, in mid-laughter.

'You twat, they are fine!' I giggled, pulling them out, and pouring them equally onto the plates, once done, Sam put the meat in the burgers and we carried them up the stairs.

'FOOD!' Jake laughed, running and grabbing his plate from Sam. I handed Phil's carefully, and then I climbed up the bunk bed to eat mine.

'Dan burnt the chips!' Sam laughed, picking up one of his chips.

'No I didn't!' I giggled, playfully chucking a chip at him.

'No food fights!' Jake moaned, shoving a load of food into his mouth.

'We can have burgers tomorrow night as well, or have them at lunch?' Sam suggested. 'There's about ten spare. They gave us a big pack this year!'

'Lunch? Then something else for dinner, I love this place, always got so much food!' Jake laughed.

- - -

Once finished and washed up. We all sat down on our beds, me on top of the bunk, Phil on the bottom, then Jake on the top and Sam on the bottom. 'Alright, it's only ten, so what shall we do?' Jake smiled,

'I KNOW!' Sam laughed, jumping up and whispering something to Jake, as he told him, Jake's smile grew, making me more uncomfortable, they then both turned to me and then looked down at Phil and laughed.

'Okay, we are going to blindfold you both up, then take you out to the woods, then leave you and you have to count to twenty then find you way back!'

'What's the fun in that,' I mumbled, jumping of the bunk bed.

'It's fun for us, okay, the first person to get back, gets my vodka!' Jake laughed, pulling out a large vodka bottle.

'IT'S ON!' I cried. Jumping up.

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