Ocotober 24 1852

Damons POV

Damon is 9 Stefan is 5

The new baby cryed as Father took it in his arms and wraped it in a blanket. 

"It is a girl." He smiled at me and Stefan. "Damon would you like to hold your baby Sister?" I nodded.

I took her in my arms and she continued to cry. I whiped a tear away from her eye. "Do not cry." She stopped and looked at me with wide beautiful blue eyes. She had my eyes and hair.

"Ah?" I smiled at her. She smiled back and laughed.

"Damon, you name her, your the eldest." Mother said to me holding Fathers hand.

"Elizabeth." I said lookin at my sister. "Your name is Elizabeth."

"Damon, can we call her Eli?" I smiled at him and nodded.

"Eli, I am your big brother." She looked puzzled.

"Bibuhbuh?" I smiled. She seemed pleased with her self. "Bibuhbuh! BIBUHBUH!!" She shrieked.

1 year later.

The entire family was sitting in the family room. I was holding Lizzie as always. Stefan was next to me. We were teaching Lizzie words. But she was not saying any of them. 

"Say Mother!" Stefan said. Lizzie tillted her head to one side. "Say Father!" She seemed cross. Stefan sighed. "Damon I do not think she wants to talk." 

"DAMON!!" Eli looked At me. "I wove you Damon!!" She looked at Stefan. "And you Tefan, and you Mother, and you Father!" I looked at her. I was her first word, Damon! I hugged her. From then on, Stefan, Lizzie and I were as close as siblings could be. 

12 Years later.

There mother had died.

Elizabeth is 13

Stefan is 17

Damon is 21

 I woke up to Lizzie screaming in the middle of the night. A nightmare. This has been happening at least once a week ever since mother died. I ran to her room and Stefan was there. I picked her up and she stopped screaming but continued whimpering as she wrapped her legs around my waist. We brought her to my room and I layed down on the bed and she layed her head on my chest. Stefan layed on the opisate side of her and put his arm around her waist. She calmed down and went back to sleep.

Stefan and Lizzie fell asleep first. I played with Lizzies long curly hair until I fell asleep.

October 10 , 2011

Elizabeths POV

I woke up early in the morning. My head was on Damons chest and Stefans arm was around my waist. They were both still asleep. I got up and quietly walked to the door.

"Lizzie? What are you doing?" I turned around, Damon and Stefan were sitting up.

 "Get back to bed." Stefan said.

 "I'm gonna get ready for School." I said.

 "Its three in the morning. School dosen't start for another six hours. Now come on." Damon said patting the spot next to him. I walked over and sat down.