The following Valentines party hosted at the Phantomhive estate...

"Kaoru, might I ask what you are trying so desperately to hide?" Sebastian asked turning his gaze to my back. I was hiding those damned chocolates. I did follow through with the plan of making disgusting chocolate and covered it's smell with real chocolate.

"You will find out later. I don't have time for ludicrous things such as chocolate and red rose on some special day. In my opinion why even make a special day for ones love. Why not treat it as a normal thing if you are truly in love." I sat down on a chair sipping tea.

Sebastian only graced his complexion with a delicate raised eyebrow.

"What? It's the truth. Humans are so confusing..." I mumbled to myself. He chuckled and poured me another cup of sugar tea. I have to say this was pretty good.

"Ah, you say that but why bother thinking about it if you supposedly don't have a love. Correct?" He said mocking me. Stupid, love sick, smart ass demon.

"Shut up. I honestly don't like you! You make me sick." I grouchily set down my tea cup on it's saucer.

"Then why bother to talk to me or even bother making me chocolates." He grabbed the bag without me being prepared.

"Hey! That was a order from my master! I didn't have a choice!" I tried desperately to grab it but he only opened it and kept up away out of my reach. I had out a card in, another order form master.

"To: Sebastian, the person I despise with every fiber of my being." He chuckled and rolled his eyes at my childish comment.

"Dear Sebastian, I hope your valentines day reeks of disappointment and these chocolates you will remember forever, sincerely Kaoru." I grabbed the letter and box from his hands putting it back together.

"So, you put hard work into these chocolates."

"No, I just have a little something planned is all..." I looked to the side and just thinked of how he would react once he tasted these chocolates.

"So do I." What? Oh no.

"Now, I do believe it is almost time to exchange gifts. Why don't I just go first to lessen your embarrassment." He walked away and for a brief moment was gone. He then returned with a box wrapped in a dark red wrapping paper with black lace.

"Oh my. Dearest butler," I said sarcastically. "What could you have gotten me?" I said wincing a sarcastic smile.

He only placed the box in front of me and got dangerously close to my face.

"Why don't you find out?" He said devilishly. I only pushed him away and did so. Might as well get this over with.

When I ripped off and tore the paper I saw a box of chocolates. I could already smell it's sweet aroma. Maybe this wasn't going to be as bad as I thought.

I opened the box to see chocolates in the shapes of hearts. How classic.

"Excuse the shapes. The other ones were destroyed in a, err, accident  in the kitchen." What did that mean?

"Um, okay?" I said taking one out and bringing it to my mouth. When I did I let the taste linger on my tongue. So good...

I let it melt and then chewed a bit to swallow. I hadn't noticed the strange object placed on my head as well as Sebastian.

"Sebastian... What did you just place on my head." I said annoyed. He only chuckled.

I looked into a spoon and saw I had on... Cat ears? What the Hell? Sebastian too?