Chapter 11- Calvin Klein

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Chapter 11- Calvin Klein

After I finally got Ruby to admit she liked Sebastian I started freaking out. I'm so happy for her, I mean I hardly know Sebastian but I know he is amazing and she chose a good guy that hopefully won't break her heart.

Sebastian walked up to me and was holding three red plastic cups, "Hey pretty ladies." He shouts over the music and Ruby blushes. Ruby was a really good name for her because she's always blushing at the tiniest things. Hmm, my name should been Ruby or Scarlett or something too because I blush at everything. Mostly because of the famously known delinquent; Dylan Thompson.

"Hey Sebby." Ruby and I greet as he hands us two of the cups. We drink it and I start feeling really tipsy. I think this is what took my already drunk state over the cliff.

Is it just me or are the people dancing around me starting to get really fuzzy?

"Nerd." A voice whispers in my ear and I spin around, almost falling over. Dylan's arms steady me and he chuckles, "Damn, someone's been drinking." I giggle and nod. Holy shit I just giggled, like full on stuck-up-stupid-girl-giggle. Yup, I'm drunk. Great.

"Nooooo, I'm not drunk. I just had like an entire bottle of tequila and a cup of something alcoholic that Sebastian gave me. Not drunk at all." I grin, Dylan's arms are still on my shoulders sending sparks up and down my body.

"Yup, you're definitely all alkied-up." Dylan says adorably.

"Hehe, alkied." I say, that was officially the stupidest thing I have ever said. "You know what Dylan?" I say.

"What?" Dylan smirked, the smirk that normally pisses me of is kind of... Cute. Dylan is drunk, I know that, but he seemed to be able to handle his alcohol better than me. Practice makes perfect right? "I want to dance." I state and then drag Dylan into the house to the 'dancefloor' which is just Dylan's living room with the sofas moved to the side of the room. The room is really hot because of all the bodies and it is quite dark with a few flashing lights and extremely loud music playing. Bodies are grinding together and the room is so packed that you can hardly move.

A slow song comes on and Dylan casually pulls me towards him, placing my arms around his neck and putting his hands on my waist.

Is it bad that I like being this close to Dylan?

Our hips are pressed against each other and Dylan's face is so close to mine that I can feel his breath on my face.

There is no way I like Dylan but he is still shirtless and I can feel his abs against my stomach. Let's just say, I'm not complaining.

"Maya! I'm going home with Dicklan, he's the only sober one here, you coming?" Ruby shouts to me. I don't register what Ruby was saying but I just scream at her to 'go away' and she does. Leaving me with no ride.


Its already two in the morning according to my phone. I'm so tired. Everyone has left already except Sebastian, Jordan, Dylan, Ryan and I. "It's okay nerd, just stay over at my house." I've kind of sobered up but not fully. I nod, "Thanks"

Dylan takes me to one of the guest bedrooms, "Dylan, do you have any cloths I can wear, this dress is still kind of wet because of you." I say narrow my eyes at him. Dylan chuckles, "Sure, I'll be right back." Dylan leaves and I take off my dress, it was basically see through earlier anyway so Dylan's seen everything before. Plus, wearing this dress is like wearing an ice block. "Hey you can use my old-" Dylan sucks in a breath and I turn around. He is staring at my body. Stupid boys. "Hey, my eyes are up here." I say. Dylan nods, "I know, but I wasn't checking out your eyes." He says, his eyes slowly scanning my body.

I should've left the ice cube dress on. It would have probably dried from the heat radiating from my body. "Uh, well Sebastian, Jordan and Ryan left so it's just you and me." Dylan gives me an AC/DC black shirt and a pair of his Calvin Klein boxers. "Thanks." I say and he nods and leaves me to get changed.

I walk downstairs and to the kitchen where I see brownies. Oooooh brownies. I pick up one and take a bite... And then another... And another... And eight more brownies.

God, these are delishious.



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