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I paced the cottage, running my hands through my hair, trying to ignore Lucia's screams. I growled and turned towards her, annoyed with her constant cries. I stalked up to her, with all my strength I back handed her. Her head whipped to the side, her eyes were wide with pain, but I didn't care. 

"Shut up." I snapped.

She swallowed as she looked at me, her eyes mirroring her agony, but I didn't care. I didn't care about anyone anymore, not about faking my love for Lucia, not about faking the I don't care attitude about Evelyn, I just don't care. I could feel that ache in my chest, that ache that was never supposed to happen. The second I felt our bond completely break was the second I knew she was alive still, even after I had beaten her so badly. Guilt wrapped around my heart and throat, strangling me almost. I growled and punched the wall repeatedly, she would still be mine if that bastard wasn't born. The unwanted child gets his happy ending while I'm stuck here, in hiding with my mate's annoying ass sister.

They're going to pay, they're going to pay for everything they have done. They took my mate from me, they took my life from me, they took my happiness. Everything I want is sleeping in that castle beside her new mate, Vincent. 

"She'll never love you." 

I spun around, narrowing my eyes at Lucia. "And why is that?" I sneered.

She smirked, "You abused her son for years, almost killed him a few times. You even beat her and tried to kill her, how could she love you?"

"I'm her mate." I stated as if it were the answer to all my problems.

Lucia scoffed, "That doesn't mean anything." 

I wanted to hit her, to kill her, but I couldn't. Not yet at least. If Evelyn has any love for her younger sister left, then she's going to come in handy. I walked up to her and smiled, I bent down so that I was eye level with her.

"Good night, Lucia." I smirked before punching her.

I'm going to get my mate back and end that pathetic family. It's my turn to have a happy ending.

A/N: SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS! I wanted to post it now so.....boom. 

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