Chapter 12

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Natsu's POV

I yawned as I sat up. Where am I? I pondered getting up. As I tried to swing my legs out of bed, I noticed something (H/C).

I touched it. Hair? Wha-

Reader's POV

Something pet you. You slowly opened up your eyes, only to be met with onyx ones. Natsu.

He had pink paint on his cheeks. You smirked. "Hey." You said as if nothing happened. He just lied on your side, on your curve.

You smiled. The door swung open, and there stood a half-naked man. Gray, of course. You made your eyed travel from his face to his feet, I've and over.

Finally getting the message, he ran to get some clothes. You giggled, but then remembered you were meant to be tough, so you tensed.

Something moved, which gave you a strange calming feeling. You looked and saw Natsu. You looked away, to the window.

The window was open, the light breeze blew the miniature curtains, moving it. The sunlight poured down, giving the floor a newly found lighted area.

You took a deep breath, then exhaled. You decided to get up. You swung your legs off the bed, slowly. You moved away, but Natsu being a dragon slayer, he instantly noticed.

You placed a pillow in the blank space. Natsu visually relaxed. You smirked, feeling the success. You got up, only to be alarmed.

You were in a knee-length nightgown. You relaxed but realized something. Who changed you? You looked at Natsu, while blushing. You realized he couldn't have, because he was asleep.

You found a pile of clothes. You looked and walked over to it. You picked it up and found (Outfit). You put it on, behind a curtain that the small room contained.

You headed for the door, looking at Natsu. Not breaking the gaze, you grasp the handle in your palm. You gave it a soft turn, only to hear a semi-loud successful click. You walked out.

Where were you? You walked out to be greeted by nature. You turned around on your heel to see a mushroom-like house.

A girl walked out. An older woman. And you know her. Oh you don't just know her, you despise her. Porlyusica.

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