Chapter One

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Cameron's POV
I'm awfully too calm right now as the ambulance arrives at the hospital. Let's just say that Nash and I's video didn't go too well and no one would call 91 f*cking 1 when it was needed. Thanks Mahogany...

"Cameron! Oh my gosh Cameron!" Nash vigorously shook me while I started to pay attention again.

"Did you here anything that the doctor just said to you?" He continued in an annoyed tone. I looked up at him with a blank expression that answered his question. "Ugh, she said that she will be back in a minute to get the stuff she needs for your sti-", he was cut off by who I'm guessing was the doctor coming into the room.

"Ok let's get started! It's gonna hurt a little but trust me, you'll feel better-", I rudely cut her off and started to shout.

"What were you gonna say Nash?!" I said with the blood rushing to my face as I hoped it wasn't what I think it is.

Nash looked up from smiling at his phone which was facing me, obviously recording all this, and continued once again but in a bored tone,"Oh your getting stitches".

When I was gonna protest, I felt a sharp sting cut through my foot. I assumed she already started stitching up my heel after telling Nash to put his phone away but he didn't listen. After a while I couldn't take it and started screaming and wiggling around. Call me a baby or something but sharp objects going through my cuts or poking my arms doesn't settle with me.

Some nurses rushed out of the pale blue curtain on my right side and tried to get me to calm down but I wouldn't listen. One of them spoke up and sort of whisper yelled at me," You'll wake up Cara!"

As I turned to face her with a confused expression written on my face, I saw she was pointing to a little girl with bruises everywhere. How did I not notice someone else was in here with me before? My face dropped and the pain in my foot was no longer lurking there, but made its way to my heart. What made her wind up in such a bad state at such a young age? All of a sudden, the memories of all the people close to me that I saw like this came rushing to my head; all the family and friends I had to lose because they were in this condition. I couldn't even imagine how her family was feeling right now...
Before I could stop my emotions, I felt one tear trickle down my cheek followed by more. Next thing I knew I was full on crying out of no where but quietly (well from the stitches too). This seems to happen every time I acknowledge the people I had to see go through lots of pain and I couldn't even help them. Shouldn't her parents be with her? Nash was now slowly putting his phone away awkwardly. By now, he is probably used to my moments like this in life, after all he is one of the minority of people who succeeded in helping me get through things. But she's just a little girl...

"You can leave now. Your stitches are done and there are 13 in total." My attention turned back to the doctor even though Cara was at the back of my head. Usually I would flip out if someone told me they just put 13 stitches through my heel, but right now that wasn't what my attention was set on. Why was she even telling me this?
An hour passed and I continued to sit there while Nash was given orders on what to do because clearly I wasn't paying attention to anyone. It became clear to me that there was no one caring for her other than the nurses or else there would be someone beside her to support her right now.
If there was someone caring for her then where could they possibly be that is more important than this? Something inside me made me feel a pang of guilt while Nash helped me up so we could head out. I couldn't figure out why but it was there; maybe it was everything and nothing all at once. Me and Nash made our way too the door but I stopped in my tracks when I heard movement behind me. When I turned around, Cara I think, was sitting up and staring at me with her head tilted back. I forced a smile on my face and slowly walked up to her with my crutches to fill my curious needs; I started off with a 'hi'.
She waved at me and looked down at her lap. Her eyes were a honeyish-green color and she was very frail with dark brown hair like mine, but hers had little curls in them . For some odd reason, I found myself trying to picture how long her hair was even though she currently was wearing it in a bun. Even though she was covered in burnt marks and bruises, you can still see the beauty in her behind it all. Wow, why do I sound so cliché sometimes.
Nash left the room and said he'd give us a moment. After an awkward 10 minutes of silence(over exaggeration), I finally spoke up.
" What happened to you?" The smile on her face slowly faded and she said she didn't know but I knew she was lying.

"My name is Cameron, Cameron Dallas", I said while sticking out my hand for her. She hesitantly shook it and lightly nodded.

"Where are your parents?" I asked her in a soft voice while shaking her hand lightly. Cara froze and looked up at me with teary eyes. I started to get the feeling that I shouldn't have asked. I quickly changed the question and asked if she had friends while sitting beside her. She slowly shook her head and looked down again with a cold hard stare. Who the fuck had the heart to hurt this girl this bad?
I lifted her chin up so she would look me in the eye as I began to speak. "Do you want me to be your friend and visit you?" I asked her with a small smile plastered on my face. This would usually work with the fans but I wasn't so sure of it with her... I might come off as a pedophile. She nodded her head instantly and she was smiling so hard. I guess it did work.

I quietly noted to myself that I would visit this girl everyday because I felt a certain connection between us. After our goodbyes, I left the room and turned around to be face-to-face with the same nurses that were there when I got stitches. That's not creepy at all...

I took a step back and started to walk away when one of them asked," How did you do that?!" Like I did some sorcery in front of them. Before I could question them, another one exclaimed,"You made Cara smile for once in a long time!"

I kindly smiled at the jittery women and replied," Magic...", while winking. On my way out, I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to see one of the nurses again. I gave her a confused look as she struggled for something out of her pocket and caught her breath. Ok, did she just follow me out of the hospital? Uhm...

"Are you single?" She questioned while batting her eyelashes and I felt Nash's presence beside me. No, I'm married to pizza, duh. Me and Nash looked at each other knowing exactly what was about to happen. We turned to face her again and did the 'püma' face at our attempt to scare her off. We bursted into laughter when she changed her mind and slowly backed her was inside. We laughed about it in the car and made a couple singing vines because why not?
Our drive home was peaceful and quiet other than Nash's weird questions that I was used to by now. "Do you think animals should follow the Charter of rights too?" Nash asked in a serious voice. I stopped scrolling through Instagram and looked up to see if he was joking. I started to reply when I saw he wasn't.

"Nash, we're in America not Canada", I reminded him as a smirk made its way onto my face.

"I'm well aware", he replied in a proud voice and I looked down at my phone, trying not to laugh at him.

When we got home, we went our separate ways to our own rooms because of how late it was. As I layed in bed, I thought about how crazy my day was. "I'm going shopping at the hospital tomorrow for some more of their paper pants!" Nash yelled from his room. I chuckled before rolling onto my side.

Back to my thoughts; I couldn't help feel like it was my responsibility to make Cara happy. For the first time in the past few months, I was going to sleep feeling like I did something right. I did something right...
This is my first book and it does improve throughout it so please burden my cliche writing style that I'm currently working on fixing. Please comment/ vote/ share....bye loves!!!!!!

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