A Visitor

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A few weeks into September, it had already begun to snow.

The beautiful white weather concealed the noises and colors of nature and replaced it temporarily with its serene beauty.

I had always enjoyed this type of weather. Tamari on the other hand always had a complaint or two about the sickness and drafts it brought.

Even beautiful things had their ugly sides.

"Oi, it's cold in here, I can't even write without my fingers freezing!"

We were in Tamari's room studying history. I sat on Tamari's bed like usual while he sat at his desk.

I gestured toward the spot beside me.

"Sit with me, I can warm you up."

Tamari continued writing, refusing to turn around to face me when talking.

"A-are you insane?"

I chuckled.

"Tamari, my body temperature is a mere 110 degrees at the moment. There won't be any funny business, this is our study time."

Tamari gave in with a sigh. He made his way over to the bed and hugged my midsection.

"What if I didn't want to study anymore?" he mumbled against me.

"You're so warm..."

I swept him up into my arms to share more of my warmth with him.

"Did you forget that I have many uses? I was made for this," I teased.

Tamari's cheeks tinted with pink as he played with the collar of my shirt.

"Don't be stupid," he mumbled.

"As you wish, my cuddly master."

I kissed his temple softly, feeling Tamari shift to kiss my cheek.

Our lips then met sweetly, allowing us to melt into the kiss.

I licked his bottom lip, but before I could deepen our kiss, there was a knock on the door.

Tamari leapt out of my arms to run to the door, wiping his mouth in the process.

He took in a sharp breath before opening the door.

It was Kotohiki, one of the maids working for Tamari's family.

Her usual smiling face now showed deep concern, and I couldn't help but wonder why.


"Tamari-sama, there is someone at the door for Shima," she said calmly.

Tamari nodded, turned to me and then back to the middle-aged woman.

"Do they have a reason?"

She shook her head and proceeded to show us the way.

Tamari hesitated and looked at me in question.

I shrugged and reached for his hand which he took quickly.

Our interlocked fingers eased the tension slightly, but I still had a weird feeling.

If there was anyone who would show up to the Sakuragi house during a snowy day looking for me, I wouldn't know of them.


I immediately shook away the thought.

It was impossible, wasn't it?

It had been several years since I arrived here, and after a few years had passed, I felt entirely secure.

We walked down the vast hallway to the staircase, Tamari's fingers still laced with mine.

We had made it to the front doors where Tamari's mother stood with a sorrowful look in her eyes, brown and wide just like Tamari's.

I didn't have to guess why, for a familiar man with a grim expression on his face stood in the doorway.

My mind raced with disturbing flashes of my horrid past. I tried to convince myself that this was a horrible nightmare that started as a beautiful dream in the beginning, but I couldn't fool myself, I've never once dreamed.

I stopped a few feet away to keep my distance. Tamari squeezed my hand.

"It's been a while," the man gruffed.

Sakura stepped towards Tamari to take his other hand in hers.

"What do you want?" Tamari spat.

"I've been looking for this man for years now." He held up a picture of a small, expressionless boy with raven black hair and dead, grey eyes.

The boy sat beside a good looking man with dark brown hair and blue eyes that deceived his smile.

That boy was me.

"I believe he is property of Kiriyama and is to be returned immediately. If you would come with me, Yoshitoki-sama-"

"His name is Shima! You must be mistaken!" Tamari shouted.

His mother held onto his arm, but he slipped away to step in front of me.

The older man laughed.

"Haha, I'm afraid you are the one that is mistaken. He was purchased by Kiriyama around 10 years ago. This Hybrid Child is his possession, though he seemed to be lost in a storm and was not able to be found until now. I don't want any trouble-"

"No! Shima, you can't let him take you!"

"Tamari..." his mother whispered.

I grabbed his wrists to calm him down.

"There's nothing we can do. Kiriyama is someone I don't want to have involved with the family."

I released him and stepped out into the cold air that didn't affect me at all.

It was my heart that was being pierced.

"W-what do you mean? You can't leave, you mustn't!" Screamed Tamari.

Tears welled up in his eyes, reminding me of a sad toddler.

I felt a battle ensue inside me. I was torn between taking the chance of running again, this time with Tamari, but it was much too dangerous.

Oh how my chest burned.

"I'm deeply sorry, Tamari."

My head hung low as I followed the man I remembered as Kyoichi.

Oh how I yearned for one last embrace, one last sweet kiss from the one I loved with all my heart.

"Shima! He can't do this! Shima!"

"Wise decision, Yoshitoki-sama. We'll be on our way."

The heavy doors were closed immediately after a distressed Tamari was taken away by several house servants.

I walked to my doom to be seated in the hearse-colored car that belonged to Kiriyama.

It would only be a certain distance until I would be faced with the dreaded man that haunted me since I was created.

Oh how I hated myself for doing the one thing that I vowed I would never do, and that one thing was leaving Tamari's side.

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