Chapter One

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Harry Styles

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Harry Styles. Throughout these past years, he has been building up his own business. He also has a beautiful three year old daughter named Mia. He's been juggling between his job and his daughter, but sometimes he really needs to focus on his job to make it more successful.

That's where I come in. I've been taking care of Mia Styles for two years of her life. I only got this job because Harry and my brother are good friends. Since I always complained about not being able to buy the things I want, my brother suggested this job for me. You might call me a brat for complaining about that, but that's a seventeen year old for you.

My parents died when I was fourteen and my brother took me in. Hence the reason why I don't get the stuff I ask for. Tyler, my brother, has tried his best to keep me happy, but since he was still kind of young also, it was hard for him. That's why I also took this offer to help out for the rent, bills and food. Anything extra is for me.

Anyways, Harry has been getting more successful with his business . Which also means a raise for me. At first it was about money, but I've gotten close to Mia and Harry himself. Mostly because I practically live at his place.

Harry ended up moving from his flat to the suburbs. He said he didn't want Mia to grow up in the city. I still live in the city with my brother, so it takes a while to go back and forth. Since he works late some nights, I stay overnight.

Tonight, I am watching Mia and Harry wants me to stay the night because he doesn't know how long he'll be out.

My overnight bag was beginning to fall apart so I had to use my brother's. Which really wasn't my style, but I had to deal with it.

"I think it looks nice." Tyler smiles, walking me up to Harry's door.

"Ty, this bag is ugly and you know it." I laugh.

I knock on the door and we stand there quietly. There were a few sounds on the other side of the door. After a few more moments, we were still standing there with no one greeting us yet.

"Here," Tyler says before looking around and reaches up to the top of the door frame. He grabs ahold of a golden key and shows it to me like it was a magic trick. "Harry's secret spot ever since uni." he chuckles, unlocking the door.

"Mi-" I stop and gasp when I catch her drawing on the walls under the stairs. "Mia no!" I say, rushing to her and snatching the marker. While I was lecturing her, Harry comes down the stairs with his shirt still undone.

"Sorry guys," Harry apologizes. "I had to do—what happened?" Harry frowns, positioning himself to look at the wall and then at Mia.

"Your kid was drawing on the wall." Tyler says casually.

"Mia," Harry whines, running his hand through his hair.

"Hey, we can clean this up." Tyler offers. "You can finish getting ready."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, go get ready." I speak up, holding Mia's hand that had markings on it. Harry smiles and nods before heading back upstairs. "I'll clean her up and you can do this." I plan out.

I carry Mia upstairs and sat her on the countertop of the bathroom. While I was wiping the markings off her skin, she looks up at me and speaks.

"I'm sorry Kara." Mia pouts and I giggle at her cuteness. I push her curly hair out of her face and nod.

"Just don't do it again, okay?" I tell her and she nods. "Are you ready to have fun with me tonight?"

"Yes!" she cheers, flying her arms in the air.

"Lets go change your clothes first." I say, pointing at the stains left on her clothing. I lift her off and she runs towards her room. I slowly followed behind as she sang loudly.

"Kara," Harry calls me after I pass his room. I quickly snapped back and saw him shirtless, staring at his shirts laying on the bed. "Can you help me?" he asks, holding up the shirts. "Which one do you think will help me get some tonight?"

"Really, Harry?" I frown, but laugh. "I'm not the one you should be asking this plus your daughter is just down the hall." I point out.

"I need a girl's perspective and it's been a really long time, please." he begs.

I roll my eyes and walk further into his room."Okay fine, try them on." I sigh.

He quickly pulls on the black one with dots and slowly buttons it.

"Kara, where did you go?" Mia calls for me and I call her over. She spots her dad and laughs. "Daddy you look funny." she tells him, jumping onto his bed.

"Well it's a no for this one."

"I thought you looked good." I shrug.

"I'll just try this one." he breathes out, pulling on the other shirt. I sit down with Mia on the edge of the bed. He pulled on a tie and the jacket then showed us the finished outfit. "Good?"

"Maybe take off the tie." I suggest and he frowns. "You said you wanted my perspective and I say no tie."

"Okay, you're so demanding." he chuckles, taking off the tie. I stare at the outfit then get off the bed. My hands go up to his shirt, but he grabs them and keeps ahold of them. "What are you doing?"

"Trust me." I laugh, continuing with what I was doing.

"Are you trying to take it off?" he jokes after I unbutton a few buttons.

"To show the girls how fit you are." I say, poking his toned chest.

"You think I'm fit?" Harry smirks, looking down at me.

"Hey, what's going on in here?" Tyler's voice echoes in the room. Both of our eyes go to the boy leaning against the door frame, watching us.

"Daddy is putting on his clothes." Mia answers and Harry laughs.

I sit on the bed again with Mia jumping on my back.

"You look alright," Tyler compliments.


"Harry, all the girls will want you." I speak up. "You look great." I assure him and he nods.

"Well, I have to go." Tyler tells us. "See you tomorrow Kara, love you." he says before leaving.

"You can finish up yourself," I say, getting up with Mia still on my back. "I have to get her changed."

"Alright, don't wait up on me tonight." Harry winks.

"Wasn't planning on it." I shake my head and leave him alone.

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