Part 27 😵

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It was around 3:25 pm in your homeroom class. Yesterday Raphael and you got back to together but you weren't too sure. Raphael was so supportive in your time of need. You had a giddy smile on your face as you stared at the teacher giving instructions. you really weren't attention but you staring at what the teacher was explaining you seemed like you were learning. You were thinking about Raphael. He was so just so, amazing. But how does Leonardo feel after everything. You hurt him but you were really trying not to. And when Leonardo walked in on you taking a shower and mistaken you for Donnie, and what he said. It was just so..idk, loving. And after you hurt him then find out he loved you far before Raphael did. You were fairly confused but you chose Raphael. The bell rang, which interrupted your confused thoughts on life. As you walked out of the school, down to the bus station you thought about moving out of your dads apartment. You couldn't go back after what he did to you. And what his employees did to you. You were scared and terrified. To terrified to realize someone slipped something into your school backpack in a crowded area of people at the bus station. You thought you sensed something out of human senses but you shook it off. You looked around but only saw your school mates and some older men and a woman about 23 wearing hot pink lipstick. 'geez lady. Can't get enough attention.' you thought. But you couldn't help but stare at the blonde. She was intriguing. The bus finally arrived but then one of your homeroom boys grabbed your arm. "Come here." He demanded but you didn't have much of a choice as he dragged you from the bus. "Hey stop it!" you yelled. He held you against the ally wall and had his hands on your shoulders. "I know what you hiding." he told you with a twinkle in his eyes. You looked at the 6 foot asain boy. "What?" you asked really confused. "Don't play dumb. I saw someone bigger than a normal human jump into your room during sunset the other day. You wanna tell me what that was??" He sounded like he was threatening more than asking. You eyes felt like they got bigger all on their own out of shock of someone finding out and reporting them. "SO you are hiding something? What is this creature." "Even if i did tell you; you would have no proof of this. You would just make a fool out of yourself in front of the public." "I have this!" he pulled out his phone with his photo Gallery already opened with a picture of Raphael on his phone. WAIT that isn't Raphael. Its Leonardo! You could see his twin katanas on his back. When did he even visit you of late?! You asked yourself. "Now wait until I do reveal this to the newspaper company. He started walked away when you swiftly took his phone and crushed it in your hands. All out of Anger of the one's you love being in danger from someone as low as this kid. You realized what you had done. You just Crushed a phone all on your own with only one hand. "What the-." you asked outloud. "Your a monster! Your not human! Your an ALIEN! ALIEN!" as he ran away in fear. You watched him run away across the 7 lane road of traffic flying. You were so shocked and you honestly were afraid of yourself right now. You phone rang in your back pocket. "Unkown?" You lifted it to your ear "Hello?" you asked. "I see your progression in your DNA is going well. I can't wait to see what happens next." he smirked through the phone. You could hear it. ANd just like that, he hung up. "Wait! Who are you!" But it was to late. "Damn.. who was that?" Without you knowing it there was a man in a black trench coat in an old Blue telephone booth. He was looking at you with a pocket mirror. When you left to just walk down the ally and jumped into the sewers. The man turned around and You the Reader reading this saw Eric's face stern as ever looking over his shoulder then left the booth with a rearrangement of this coat and the click of his heals. Down in the sewers some water dripped on your shoulders. "eww.." you freaked out. You looked up to see eyes glaring at you green as Aloe. You screamed and started running as fast as you could. The water was splashing on your jeans. You then saw a sidewalk like area so you jumped on it and kept running. You heard pounding on the cement, you could also feel it. You panted as you ran and ran. You heart raced fast, your throat was feeling dry, your lungs were on ice. You closed your eyes and tried to make this seem like a dream. You didn't want this to be real. "please, please, please." you panted as you kept running. You opened your eyes and you looked over your shoulder as you didn't see anything. You slowly stopped running then turned back around to see a huge creature bigger than Raphael. You inhaled and screamed. It roared in your face as saliva flew everywhere. You ran down the other tunnel as it followed you. You could hear it growl at you through the echo of the walls. You then ran into an opened dead end of a sewer whirl pool 56" feet down. But between the fear of heights and a horrifying creature. You were to scared to pick one at the top of your head. But by time you saw a ledge next to you; you were pushed by a slash of claws into the pool of water swirling down at a fast rate. You screamed in pain and from the fear of being killed. Your body was tingling and feeling the sensation of itching. the iris of your eyes were turning red as you were falling you back hit a railing of a metal bridge built across the whirlpool. your body without you thinking of it acted quickly as your hands grabbed the bridge and swinging itself so your legs were up in the air and your arms was supporting your body only on a railing and you landed on the bridge. You breathed heavily at what just happened. You looked at your hands still on the railing. You saw your hands were scaly but still your skin color. You were stunned. "What.." You asked. You saw the creature was trying to make itself over to you while its weight was destroying the rusted bridge. You ran in the other direction in a panic. You heard something break and you saw the creature fall into the whirlpool of death. You were upset cause at the same time you wanted to save it. Maybe it was confused and hurt itself, so it made someone else feel pain. It looked like a mutant. You turned around and saw Raphael. Your eyes teared up and your hugged him as fast as you could. "Hey you ok? I thought i heard you scream." You looked behind you to see their was no longer a bridge. and looked back at raphael and shook your head in a No. "I'm fine :)" you smiled. You then started feeling fatigued. "Hey raphael i hope this isn't a burden but Could you carry me? I'm really tired." He smiled at you and said "Sure." He picked you up and carried you back to his home. you ended up falling asleep in his arms. he rearranged you in your sleep and saw his arm was covered in blood. "What." he asked. He lifted your back up to see your shirt was ripped in the back with a huge claw mark. "How did I not notice this." He asked ashamed. He called Donnie as he carried you in his one arm. "hey Donnie. Y/N Got hurt bad. Idk what caused it. I just arrived and started carrying her cause she said she was tired and saw she was injured on his back. Her shirt is fairly shredded on the back and there's allot of blood." "Ok, ok don't freak out just bring her here as fast as you can. She can't lose too much blood." "Alright." He hung up on Donnie and started fast walking as he put you back in bridal style. You woke up on the floor with a blanket under you as well as a pillow. You groaned as you tried to lift yourself. You got up without realizing you were only wearing a sports bra raphael had placed on you, april had bought it for you. You got up all hungry like so you went into the kitchen to make cereal and a soft pretzel. It was like 4 am. You didn't realize that of course. You guessed someone left a night light for you so if you did get up you could at least see. You munched on your Chex cereal with some sugar sprinkled on top. You drank two whole bottles of water. You felt really energetic so you ran around the dojo for a bit. You must have ran a mile while listening through your earbuds to GreenDay and GooGooDolls. You sat down and tried to do what Mr. splinter and Leonardo do. Meditate. You did that for a bit but you started falling asleep you were so peaceful. Then you went on Donnie's laptop and watched some Vines for fun. You tried to keep you laughing at a minimum. You mostly smiled hard than laughing out of respect for the others. You realized that Raphael was still asleep so you decided to pay a quiet visit. You softly walked in and sat down on the grown on your knees and watched how peaceful. You didn't know why you loved seeing him sleep. He was just so quiet. It was still different to see him without his mask. You stared at it and then got up and took the bandanna off his table and went over to his mirror with a constant light that's always on, above it. You slipped it over your head and tied it behind your head. You put your fists on your hips and stood like superman would. The mask was hanging down to wear your top lip was and you couldn't really see, you were only seeing through the red fabric. You heard rustling so you hid down behind his bed. You practically on the floor. "Y/N?" he asked. "What are you doing." he asked as he was still in his bed sitting up. You stayed quiet. "y/N i can see you in the mirror." "No you can't." you Argued cutely. He smirked. "come on, stand up." He seemed to had forgot that your hurt somehow. It is 5 am now though. you rose your head above his bed. He LOLed at your face with his mask dripping over you. "Why were hiding" he asked as he still was laughing. "I honestly have no idea." He crawled over to you as he lifted the mask off your upper lip and kissed you. "hehe i love you YN. Your so cute." You blushed lightly. He took the mask off of you and looked at you then realized You were hurt. "Y/N! Your hurt why are you up?!" he asked concerned with a tone of anger. "I honestly don't feel anything. I had forgotten i was hurt." "Y/N -sigh- Why did you lie to me. You told me that you were fine. But yet you have a huge scar on you back now." "I-I'm sorry raphael. I guess i'm still not used to the whole relationship thing. I'm still used to working things out on my own. And idk..-shrug- I'm sorry, raphael." he exhailed through his nose and lifted you up from the ground up into his arms. "You don't have to feel the need to do things on your own anymore. I'm here for you, Babycake." You smiled, your eyes closed as you nuzzled into him. "Thank you.". He kissed your scalp. - song "A thousand Years (part 2) " plays softly as the two of you kiss and fall asleep together. (Ok song ends now, i know how annoying it can be to see people have like a 15 paragraphs of one song XD OK OK now back to the story.) Thank you My ninjas for reading this, It SHALL CONTINUE!~!

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