The Captivating Captive

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"Alpha, we received news the Alpha of the Blood River pack is headed this way!"

I frowned. Why would he be so careless as to pass through no man's land, especially since everyone knows this portion is under Burning Embers' control?

"Why is this a concern?"

"Well Alpha if we steal his phone we'd have all of his contacts, so you wouldn't have to  go through the err... ordeal again."

Phil had a point, but it could still be a trap. But still, I wasn't exactly happy about the idea of experiencing lunch with another Alpha.

"When is he coming?"

"He should arrive in a few hours."


Please don't let this be a trap.


We stayed quiet waiting for just the right moment. When the cars were about a mile away, Phil and I walked into the road and began fighting.

He grabs a fist full of my hair, and throws me to the ground, kicking me in my ribs, I scream and try scooting away, but he grabs my ankle and starts dragging me back, I kick and flail, careful not to break his hold. The ground's vibrations let me know the car's nearing the last bend.

He lets go of me and grabs my arm pulling me up, only to back hand me. Even though we're staging it, his back hand comes full force, and my head flies to the side. I suspect he's getting even for the first night we met, but just wait till we get home.

I hear loud voices and the cars screech to a stop, but Phil pays them no mind, continuing to smack me around without restraint. Am I going to have some nice bruises or what!

Suddenly, Phil is yanked back, and chaos breaks out as my warriors tackle the Blood River warriors.

Someone grabs me, tossing me over their shoulder and runs into the woods. I was trying every technique I know yet somehow I can't seem free myself of my kidnappers grip.

Man what cologne does he use, it's amazing! Seriously, you're being kidnapped and all you want is to know what cologne he's wearing?! This cannot be normal.


"Would you shut up. Do you want us to get caught?"

Then it dawns on me. This man still thinks I'm a victim. Dang, my acting was better than I thought!

Somewhere in the distance, I hear someone shouting about my absence, but I'm to focused on freeing myself to listen.

Suddenly, I'm standing behind the man who is trying to shield me from the wolves circling us.

I recognize Dan and Phil but I have no clue who the others are.
Dan goes behind a tree and shifts stepping back into view.

"Stay behind me. I'll protect you." The mystery man says, glaring ominously at anyone who gets close.

Phil's wolf howls with laughter and his eyes dance.

Dan bows his head respectfully to me. "Forgive me, Alpha, for not getting here sooner."

The man looks confused, and I can't help but chuckle a little.

"That's alright, Dan. I wasn't harmed. Were there any fatalities?"

"No, Alpha."

"Good. Were there any injuries?"

"Only minor ones, Alpha."

I nod "Was our objective met?"

"No Alpha, we searched for it, but it wasn't there."

I sighed. "I should have known it wouldn't be so easy. I guess it's back to sleazy men and heartburn." The mystery man growls slightly, but I brush it off.

Dan smirks, "You know, Alpha, with all do respect you look pretty hot when you're dressed for the "hunt". I'm sure you won't have any trouble. Heck, if you were the hunter and I was the prey, I'd let myself get caught." Two growls sounded. One came from a wolf I'm sure is Katie, the other one I couldn't identify.

I snickered, "Someone's in the dog house tonight."

"Baby, I was just kidding. I've never looked at her like that. She's just my Alpha, I promise that I only have eyes for you!"

"You should really watch it before you dig yourself a deeper grave."

He just glares at me and continues to plead with her.

I turn to Phil who has shifted and now stands eyeing the stranger.

"Phil." His attention snaps back to me. "You are head warrior. To say I am disappointed in you is an understatement. What you did today was reckless and dangerous."

He lowers his head.

"We had a plan but you didn't follow it. Why?"

"I got carried away."

"Phil, a battlefield is no place to loose focus. You, more than anyone, should know that."

"Yes, Alpha. I'm sorry."

I turn to the stranger, who has been strangely quiet, and has made no move to escape.

"What is you name?"


"What is your rank, Ashton?"

He stands there, refusing to answer. Phil steps forward and aims a punch. Quickly I step between the two. "No." But it's to late, he's already swung, he hits me square in the mouth. I stumble back, knocking into Ashton, who catches me, growling softly.

I feel blood trickling down my chin and sigh, wiping it off on my shirt, careful of my now busted lip.

"Thank you, Ashton."

"Al-Alpha, I-I didn't mean to! Honest, I didn't!"

I ignore him. "We need to head back soon." I turn to walk away, but Ashton catches my wrist. I gaze down at his hand, which is sending small sparks racing up my arm. He doesn't seem to feel them, if he does, it doesn't seem to effect him.



"You're human."

I pull away "Phil, I want you to escort Ashton to the pack house, and NO violence."

"But Alpha, we can't let him to know where the pack house is! He could lead others there and-"

"One more word out of you, Phil and you're as good as Dust."

His eyes widen as he recognizes my threat, and he quickly bows his head in submission.

"If it makes you feel better, blindfold him, but know this, I will find out if there is any violence."

"Yes Alpha."


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