Chapter Fifteen: From A Distance

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Dreamless sleep is starting to become a regular thing as the days pass. It is strange, I realize when I begin to think about it, how the attacker- Levi- seemed so determined to stop me for knowing so much, and now, he has given up. Was it because he failed? Lost interest? Or does he know that Tommy and I have finally discovered his identity? The next week drags on, bringing test, quizzes, more homework, and magic. I am able to concentrate better, and have managed to actually use Water and not the wrong element.

The week comes to a close, bringing Saturday. Tommy and I have not told Sophia of our discovery, and I am slowly distancing myself for Levi, so he won't suspect anything. It's hard when he is always addressing me, making jokes, and being Levi. I keep my answers short, try not to laugh or pay much attention to his remarks. I rarely address him unless he addresses me first. But all the distance can't ease the betrayal that has wrapped around me and threatened to suffocate me if I think of it too much. Levi, I've probably though for the thousandth time that week, my friend, the attacker. How is this possible?

I've been watching him when he isn't looking, trying to see any glimpse of the heartless member of F.E.A.R. that attacked me, and Cora, and the others. Or a glimpse of maybe the burn I left on his arm. He is always wearing long sleeves, and there are no signs that I can see. I have questioned, every night, whether I am mistaken, that he is not the attacker, that I am seeing things that aren't there. But there is just so much evidence.

Before breakfast on Saturday morning, I sit in the girls dorm as it clears out. The teachers are no longer escorting students to The Hall, realizing it is little use. I sit alone as the last girl leaves, and a few minutes later I follow behind. I slowly descend the staircase, my mind wondering. I am on the fifth floor when I notice someone leaving the corridor on the floor below, and I recognize his blond hair from above immediately; Levi. I stop dead in my tracks and watch, as he makes his way down the stairs. I feel like a stalker at the moment, but if it confirms my suspicions, then that's what I will do, stalk. He seems casual as he turns the corner to the other flight, and I silently kept my pace steady, just enough to keep him in my sight, but me out of his.

I am by the corridor Levi had exited when I feel someone approach me from behind. Still on edge from the week before, I spin around, changeling my power and thinking of wind. For some reason it's always Air that comes to mind at first. I'm not sure why, fire is the element that I am the best at wielding, but the first element I think of is Air. A gust of wind sends the boy behind me flying backwards. I recognize him once he is pinned to the stone wall.

"Ouch!" Tommy says, glaring at me from the wall.

I drop my hand and the hold on him disappears with the motion. I haven't a single idea where the sudden burst of power came from. I settle with that it is just my anxiety.

"What the hell were you thinking? Sneaking up on me?" I demand my heart still racing,

Tommy only laughs, and I suppress the urge to do so as well. I am trying to be angry at him for sneaking up on me, or at least trying to look angry.

"So, are we stalking people now?" He asks, glancing over the edge of the staircase were Levi had already disappeared from sight.

I look over as well, letting my blonde hair fall and hide my face, which I am sure is red. There is nothing to look at but staircases, and vines, and the floor far below.

"I had an opportunity so I took it." I explain. "It's not like we're getting much info from watching him eat bacon."

Tommy laughs again and this time I join in backing away from the edge, my shoulder brushing his. It feels like it has been so long since I laughed and this time it feels believable.

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