Third Person POV:
"Melissa." Was all that escaped Alex's mouth. It took her brain a couple seconds to process what just happened. Just as she was about to go after her girlfriend, sweaty, cold hands grabbed her face and a pair of dry lips forced their way to her. She heard a sob and then the door of the lab shut, within seconds Alex screamed at Lucy to get away from her and ran after Melissa and thankfully everyone was in class, that way no one will stop her. "Melissa! Stop!" But that only made her lover walk faster, Alex quickened her pace catching up to her girl, she took a hold of the woman's wrists and spun her around only to see messy makeup and puffy red eyes. Thankfully they were away from most classrooms, so they had some privacy.

Alex was about to speak but Melissa beat her to it. "Let me go." Instead Alex brought her closer. "Alex let me go." Her voice was getting harsher and angrier.

"Not until yo-"

"Let me go!" Melissa screamed. Alex was shocked, she has never seen Melissa cry this much nor be this angry, if only she could explain, she thought. "Get away from me!"

Alex didn't let go of her girlfriend though, nor did she get away, if only she got closer, all the rage Melissa was feeling now is a mistake, Alex thought. I'll fix it, she repeated over and over again.

The blonde took a deep breath now and began to speak. "Just lis-"

But before she could continue Melissa's desperate and defenseless voice interrupted her. "Alex please, please," The tears the older one was holding in began to escape once more and in her expression one could only see pain. ", please let me go." She was bawling her eyes out in front of Alex now and that was the last thing the brunette wanted. Alex's eyes widened and she let go of Melissa's wrists, but not before intertwining their hands.

Tears were now forming in Alex's eyes and it wasn't until now that she completely understood what was happening. "It's not what you think, baby," Melissa's eyes were focused on the floor. ", princess look at me." She didn't. "Melissa," The older one felt like she couldn't breathe now, too many emotions were flowing through her whole body and she needed to get out of there. "Please, look at me." It was now Alex's time to sob.

Melissa tried to escape from Alex's grip but failed at it. "Let me go, I have to go."

"No! Please talk to me, yell at me, hit me, just do something." Alex was on the verge of losing it.

Melissa wanted to, she was going to but then the image of Alex all over Lucy clouded her thoughts and rage began building up again. She knew it, she knew Alex would do something like this, it was a matter of weeks before Alex cheated on her, today was it, she thought. How could she be so naive, so blind.

Melissa's eyes were so red, she was sure she ran out of tears. "Alex let me go." And after asking her over and over again to let go of her and Alex still trying to pull her closer, she lost it, she had to get out of there, she couldn't be this vulnerable in front of Alex. "I don't want you to touch me, I don't want to talk to you, I don't want you to be here, so please let me go!"

So Alex did, she let go of the one person she loved the most in this entire world, Melissa turned around to leave but Alex had to at least try one more time, just one last shot before she gave up. "I love you." She said loud enough for her lover to hear. "Say you love me as much as I love you, please. Tell me we'll work things out because without you I'm lost Melissa, I'm lost, broken, so please, please, say you love me because I love you, more than anything." Melissa stopped right on her tracks and it hurt, because she knew that would be the last time she'd hear those three words come out of Alex's mouth. She turned, she was trying to put a hard face but you could tell those words hit her like a hammer.

She walked up to Alex and what she did completely shattered the world of the princess. Melissa brought her right hand to her left one and took off the ring Alex gave her. Her hand found Alex's and she placed the ring on her hand. "I did too."


I did too. I did too. Alex kept repeating over and over. As soon as Melissa left, Alex took her bike and drove to her house, the paparazzi were already waiting for her though and mobbed her as soon as they spotted her. She managed to her to the penthouse and when she barged in she went straight to the bathroom, the rest of her afternoon was spent in there, throwing up and feeling dizzy, all of the anxiety she had bottled up for the sake of Melissa, came out all at once. Rose tried to help but the bathroom door was locked, she let Emily know that Alex was having a very bad streak of anxiety attacks and sat down outside Alex's door. This wasn't new to either one of them, only this time it was worse, way worse.

Hours have passed now and Rose was still waiting for Alex on the other side of the bathroom door. "Alex?" She couldn't hear anymore gagging now, she hasn't for about four minutes. "Alex." She repeated, louder this time.

"I'm fine." The voice on the other end of the bathroom was tired and weak. Just as Rose was about to say something, she heard the front door open.

"Alex!?" Emily, Alex thought. She could recognize that voice anywhere. The footsteps were louder and louder until she heard a soft knock on her door. "Alex, sweetie, unlock the door." Rose got up to give them privacy but made sure to stay close enough if Alex needed anything. Alex was like the daughter she never had, Rose never got married, much less had kids, she was found on the street one day by one of Cece's bodyguards on one of the Queen's visits to New York, she was a beggar, the man dropped his phone, when Rose saw that she took it and went to give it back, next thing she knew, she had a home, warm clothes, food on her plate and a job taking care of a very scared girl and for that she was extremely grateful. "Alex, please open up." Repeated Emily.

After minutes of begging Alex gave up and opened the door, she was sitting on the floor with puffy red eyes and circles under them. "Oh my gosh Alex," As soon as Emily saw her she kneeled down in front of her best friends, what she saw was truly heartbreaking. ", What happened?"

The memories of what happened earlier came rushing to the blonde's mind and she began sobbing again. "She left me." Emily knew who she was and now it made sense when she saw Melissa on the hallway before leaving, she went to say hi but the woman kept her head down and she swore she saw tears on her eyes. "S-She left me, Su. She doesn't l-love me anymore."

"No sweetie, don't say that, I'm sure you guys will work things out."

But Alex knew they wouldn't , Melissa didn't love her anymore. She opened her fist and revealed what she had been holding on to all this time, the ring. "No, Su. She doesn't love me anymore."

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