Dirty IMagine

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You and your boyfriend were sitting on the couch watching tv when you started to get bored. You and Colton hadnt had sex in quite a while and you were feeling promiscuous. You crawled ontop of him, stradeling him. You put your hand on the back of his neck pulling him closer to him and kissing him hard, making him put his hands on your lower back pulling you closer into him, that caused you to rub your crotch against his and that caused you both to let out a little moan. You were in a deep make out session when his hands slip up your shirt and then sliding your shirt completely off.

You stood up from his lap and started walking up the stairs backwards, curling your index finger in a "come here" motion. He stood up from the couch with a buldge in his pants and started to follow you up the stairs.

"Im gonna get my hands all over that tight little body" He said in your ear as you finally made it to the bedroom, he was standing behind you with his arms around your waist.

He started kissing from your shoulder up your neck and jaw line. You turned around so you were facing him and crashed your lips into his. You slid his shirt off of him and threw it to the side. He started to walk forward, causing you to walk backwards, when you felt the back of your legs hit the bed and you fell, with him falling on top of you not breaking the kiss once. His hands traveled all over your body up to your breasts massaging the right one while he trailed kisses from your neck down to your left breast. Taking your bra off he took no time in attaching his lips to your right nipple, sucking and nibbling on itm while pinching and twisting the other in his hands. 

He trailed kisses from your breast down your body and to the waist band of your jeans, he slowly unbuttoned and slid them down your legs throwing them to the side and kissing your core on the outside of your panties. He hooked his fingers at the top of your underwear and slid them down your legs and dove his tongue deep into you without warning causing you to let out a loud moan in pleasure. He continued to lick and suck on your clit as he shoved two fingers into you thrusting in and out, causing you to arch your back in so much pleaure. 

"Fuck baby, Im about to cum" You said, putting your hands in his hair, tugging on the ends.

He continued to eat you out, when you let your juices go. He licked you cleaned and licked all the way up your body until he got to your lips and you started making out again. You flipped him over so that you were on top and you trailed your hands down his chest all the way to his basketball short, sliding them off with his boxers at the same time. You kissed his lips, then his neck, then his abs, then the tip of his dick. You slid him into your mouth as much as you could, and started bobbing your head up and down, he had his mouth gaped open and his hands were tangeling in your hair pushing your head down further. After a few minutes of that he came in your mouth and you swallowed. 

He pushed you down onto your back on the bed and put the tip of his dick at your enterance. You wanted him in you so bad that you bucked your hips forward a little for him to enter and he pushed your hips down. 

"What do you want baby?" He asked rubbing his tip up and down on your folds.

"I want you to fuck me, and fuck me hard." You said back seductively.

He smirked his sexy smirk and thrusted into you hard. Your eyes rolled back as he thrusted his 9 inch dick in and out of you hard and fast. He was kissing on your breasts, while you were digging your nails into his back and leaving hickeys all over his neck and shoulders. He rolled over so that you were on top of him.

"I want you to ride me baby." He moaned out.

You slid down back onto his dick, and started bouncing up and down fast, causing him to moan profanitys and roll his eyes back. He had his hands behind his head, while you had yours on his chest for support. You rolled your hips around and grinded against him. Both of your moans colliding with eachothers. 

"Fuck youre so good." He moaned, putting his hands on your hips pushing you further down on him, causing you to moan out his name which only turned him on more, causing him to flip you back over and pound himself into you, making his whole shaft disappear. You screamed out in pleasure, biting on your bottom lip. 

You were so close to cumming and you could tell he was because he always makes this face when hes about to explode. 

"Cum inside me baby, I want you so bad." You moaned in his ear, to get him even more excited, he liked when you talked dirty to him while having sex.

"MM, youre pussy is so tight, I could fuck you all night long." He growled in your ear, thrusting into you harder. 

He thrusted into you a couple more times when you moth came at the same time. You rolled over so you were on top of him and you rode out your orgasm. You then collapsed on the bed next to him and he kissed you on your head. 

"So about that "i could fuck you all night long" thing, is that an offer?" You said winking at him.

You guys ended up fucking about 4 times that night. 

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