Chapter 5

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I was exhausted in everyway possible, but I could not sleep. Not in the room I was trapped inside. I expected Hael to taunt me – however he did not.

He didn't speak to me or interact with me in anyway.

Hael left me to my own thoughts which I knew was his twisted way of punishing me.

However, I don't spend the night searching the walls and freaking myself out. I got up once to stretch, I considered walking around the corner – because there was more around a bend – but I never end up exploring.

I end up leaning against the metal door, eyes closed as I try desperately to sleep. However, I was too uncomfortable and for once in my life I craved the warmth of my tiny rock hard slave bed with my tattered pillow and sewn blanket – which I had made myself.

Just as I'm day dreaming for the thousandth time a scenario where my brother comes to rescue me, I'm jolted into the present. I scramble forward from the metal door as it creaks and moves behind me. I spin to face it and stand up as quickly as possible.

Hael's massive bed chamber fills my sore eyes and I take a quick, fearful step outside the room, scared the door might close again and trap me inside once more. 

Rubbing the simple gold bracelet on my wrist, I scan the room for Hael.

He isn't anywhere to be seen.

I don't stick around, I run towards the cave corridors that we ventured through to get to this bedchamber. I remember seeing alternate pathways along the way and I knew how these mountains worked. All the cave corridors had a purpose, so I would find my way out of the Royal Chambers soon enough.

I find myself bypassing the Common Royal Chamber which I knew vaguely from my brief encounters with it. Finally, I start to see slaves running about on their daily duties, carrying food, linen, wash buckets and other tools. I ignore the second glances of fellow slaves who instantly see the gold bracelet and zone in on it.

Slaves didn't wear expensive jewellery, they were not adorned with anything pretty. If you were doted on in anyway it was because you were a personal slave to a Dragon. After all, how you were represented reflected on the Dragon in question.

It isn't long before I pass the guest bed chambers which I was use to cleaning. I start to relax as the cave corridors become extremely familiar. Just from recognizing the types of supplies the slaves around me hold, I know it is lunch time. Now I have a direct heading.

I knew exactly where Darshan would be – if he had made it back yet.

He would be eating in the dining hall. He and I always made the longest possible use of our food breaks. It's how we met in the first place, over food.

Knowing I'll have bags under my eyes and that I look like shit, I barge into the slave dining room and my eyes light up when I instantly see Darshan lining up for some food.

I knew him too well.

I skip over, my heart instantly feeling lighter, my energy levels increasing with the happiness that came at finding him safe and unharmed.

Before I even make it there, I know he can hear my footfalls which he recognized as me. He turns around with a huge grin on his face.

"I'm glad you're alive," Darshan puts down his plate just as I embrace him in a tight bear hug.

"I'm alive, yes, I'm alive," I repeat, not letting him go until the people in the line behind us start trying to overtake our little reunion, walking around.

"Go grab us our usual seats," Darshan suggests, "I'll get my food and some for you and meet you there, alright?"

"Yes, good idea," I head off for our table and before I even get there I spot a young blue haired girl I knew all too well. Layla is not sitting down but she is leaning against the wall, intently watching over everyone in the room with her assessing Dragon eyes.

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