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- ONE SHOT // not matureI'm

(Partly based on a true story.)


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I yawn and stretch my whole body as I look at the window. Looking at my clock which read 5:00AM - 12 Feb and getting up, making my bed and showering. I got myself ready by blow drying my hair and styling it the way I want as well as putting on my uniform and shoes. My roommate Aqua (aka Aquarius) was still sleeping and I was too afraid to wake her up. She was like me, apparently. She has Anger Management Issues and if I woke her up, she would kill me.

Setting her alarm to 2 more minutes, I place it in front of her face and left the room. It was now 7:35 and by the time I arrived at my locker/class/cafeteria it would be 7:41. "Juvia!" A familiar voice calls to me. I turn around and see a blonde haired girl running towards me with her arms flailing around.

"It's Valentine's Day!" She yells once she reaches me, leaning on me as she catches her breath. I narrow my eyes, "No it's not... It's only the 12th today..."

"Yes but the school is celebrating Valentines today because of Sunday." Yes, we have Sunday's off. Sunday is the only day we don't have school.
"Why didn't they think of doing this tomorrow? It's closer." Lucy shrugs and walks with me to the meeting place.

I didn't really have much friends or interests. There was this one guy though. His name was Gray. I don't know his last name but that doesn't matter at the moment. "Sooo..." Lucy drags out as we sit on the stage. The stage was our meeting place. "Do you plan on giving Gray any chocolates or roses this year?" I snicker, "Me? No way! Never would I give that scum a gift!" She sighed, "besides," I say, "Aren't the guys supposed to give those to girls??"

"You bet!" Levy starts running cheerfully with her books. She slams them down on the stage and sits on top of them, "Gajeel-kun said he has something special for me today!" She beams with hearts in her eyes.

Gajeel is Levy's boyfriend. He's a guy with piercings all over his face, wears black and does all this other bad stuff. When I arrived at this school, Levy had no piercings but now she has a ring-pierce on her bottom lip. "Nice!" I say. The bell begins to ring and everyone starts moving to their lockers. Every grade has their own personal locker bay. The first years are on the west side of the campus, second years on the east, third years in the north and fourth years in the south. We begin heading north but get caught up in a crowd of fangirls and just ordinary students.

I separate with Lucy but walk up the stairs with Levy instead, not paying attention to anything in front of me as we both laughed and continued on with our conversation. "Woah, what the fuck?" She gasps and looks at all the Lockers in the bay causing me to gasp too.  Each and every locker had a sticky note on them saying Happy Valentines Day . Well, not all of them.

Levy reached her locker and found a blue sticky note with those words on it although, when I reached mine, I sighed of disappoint. I had three yellow sticky notes on my locker. One had scribble on it and the other two were just plain. I sighed. "Of course..." I mumble to myself and open my locker.

There was nothing in there other than my books and stationary. I had English and Physical Education for first and second period. Levy runs up to me, "Did you get a rose?" She beams and I shake my head. She holds out her hand which had a rose in it and sighed dreamily. I p

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