Chapter 2

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Harry woke up on September first to the sound of his godson crying. He clicked on the light. After living at Grimmauld Place for the last few months, it was finally beginning to feel like home. A good deal of this feeling came from the mess in the house, both Harry's and Teddy's. Harry had also gotten the chance to open the windows for the first time in ages. The place just seemed much more welcoming.

Harry rolled out of his bed and made his way over to the baby's crib. "Morning, Ted," he mumbled sleepily. He looked over to the clock. It was 8am. He grinned. "Woke me up right on time." Harry had come to think of the child as a sort of alarm clock.

He looked down at his godson and saw that he had bright blue hair today. He smiled and pulled the child out of the crib. "I go back to school today. That means you get to stay with Grandma for a while," he told Teddy as he pulled clothes onto him. He had had many one-sided conversations with the baby over the past months. Today the baby responded with a giggle. Harry smiled. "I know. Exciting, isn't it?"

"Alright," Harry said a few minutes later when the child was ready to go, setting him down to let him crawl while he got himself ready.

About twenty minutes later, Harry was putting the last few things of his into his trunk. The very last thing he reached for was his scrapbook. He stopped and flipped through it. The photo that caught his attention was one of Hermione waving up at him. Harry waved back before realizing it wasn't real. He sure did miss Hermione. With this thought in mind, he tossed the book into his trunk and closed it.

Times like this, Harry really wished he could Apparate. It was a twenty-minute drive to Grandma's house. It would save a lot of time.

Harry had another one-side conversation with his godson on the drive there.

"I go back to Hogwarts today, Teddy. You'll go there someday, too. I hope you love it as much as I do. I met my best friends at Hogwarts. And my girlfriend," he added, smiling at the thought of Ginny. "They'll teach you how to be a great wizard, just like your mum and dad." He smiled sadly now. "It's a shame you don't remember them. They were wonderful people who died for a great cause. I hope you understand someday." Harry wiped a tear from his eye.

"Someday, when you're older, I'll tell you the whole story. About Voldemort," he touched a finger to the scar on his forehead,"and all my friends, who I couldn't have done it without. Awful times." Harry laughed and Teddy laughed along.

"Are you excited to see Grandma, Teddy?" The child replied by giggling, which Harry took as a yes. He smiled. "Good. Because we're almost.... There,"
he said as he pulled into her driveway.

Teddy's grandma came out of the house and slid into the passenger seat. She greeted Harry and Teddy and made small talk on the drive to King's Cross.

Harry stepped onto Platform 9 3/4 followed by Mrs. Tonks and Teddy. He turned to Teddy and took him from his grandmother's arms. "Bye, Ted," he murmured and kissed his godson's forehead. "I'll miss you."

After kissing his forehead one more time, Harry passed Teddy back to his grandmother and stepped onto the train. The train was beginning to lurch. "Bye," Harry called, waving to Teddy.

To his surprise, Teddy shouted,"Bye bye, Harry!" Harry's jaw dropped. The child had never spoken before. He shared one last smile with Mrs. Tonks and made his way to an empty compartment to wait for his friends.

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