Chap. 45

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Mackenzie's POV

“Daddy!” I squealed, running across the court. I jumped into his arms.

“Hey sweetie,” he said, kissing my cheek.

“I missed you.”

“You should!”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I stepped away from him. “Where’s mom?”

“The bathroom.” He smirked at me. “She’s in that mood.”

I slapped his arm, giggling. “You’re disgusting!”

“Hey!” mom called, jogging up.

I threw my arms around her, burying my face in her neck. “Hi mommy.”

She kissed my cheek. “Get back to practice and we’ll catch up after.”

I nodded and sprinted back over to the court, where we were wrapping up our last practice before the tournament started.

“You know I never end practice without a little conditioning,” Coach Kat said, as I rejoined the team. “Nothing big, because of the tournament, but you know me. Everyone on the end line.”

Coach Kat was notorious for her conditioning. We were one of the best conditioned volleyball teams in the state, and possibly in the country.

“Lunges to me!” she called, standing in the middle of the court.

My legs burned from all the conditioning and workouts she’d packed in the last two days.

“Frog jumps back,” she said, as soon as we’d all reached her.

I despised frog jumps, probably even more than 120’s. And my hate for 120’s was pretty high.

“Squat jumps to me. And I want full net extension ladies.”

“The torture,” I groaned to Nicole, as we squat jumped to Coach Kat.

“I look great during volleyball season, but I hate it,” Nicole said, causing the two of us to laugh.

“Alright, squat walk back and we’re almost done.”

“What does almost done mean?” Trinity asked, as we painfully squat walked back to the end line.

“I don’t want to know,” Jessie answered.

“Line up on the wall, time for some wall sits!”

“How many is some?” Nicole whispered to me, as we got into position.

“Lord knows,” I whispered back, gritting my teeth.

“Hands straight out!” Coach Kat barked. “Two minutes, and if every single one of you can hold it, we’re done.”

“Come on ladies!” Trinity called. “You got this!”

Nicole, Trinity, and Jessie pumped optimism into the two minutes, and we all lasted.

“And relax!” Coach Kat called.

I collapsed on the ground, letting out a groan.

“Captain and co-caps can clean up, the rest of you head to the locker room for an ice bath. After that you’re free to go.”

I walked to the locker rooms with the team, looking over my shoulder as Nicole, Trinity, and Jessie began to clean up the court, talking and laughing amongst themselves.

I’d never felt so alone.

I joined the Freshmen in their ice bath, listening to them giggle and gossip about people I didn’t care about.

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