CHAPTER 26 | the faire

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"I think those sleeves are supposed to be off your shoulders," Grace remarked after she popped her head through the curtains to the changing booth.

Once through the gates of the Faire in Tuxedo, they had made their way directly to The Bellrose costume shop to hire outfits for the afternoon. From the hordes coming through the gates and already at the fair, Sydney decided that it probably was a good idea as they would stand out in their street clothes.

"I don't know why you get the pretty gown and I have to be dressed as a serving wench," Sydney complained as she pulled the cord on the bodice of her dress to tighten it.

"Because I phoned earlier and had them put it aside for me. Now hurry up, Mason and Mac are already changed and outside."

Sydney glanced down at her gown. Underneath a tight brown bodice, she wore a white three-quarter billowed sleeve peasants blouse. The gathered front of the top hung a lot lower than she was used to, exposing the top of her bust, the cut of the bodice making them appear much larger than they actually were.

A full long blue skirt fell to the ground in waves, hiding her modern shoes that while comfortable, didn't match the outfit.

"How silly do I look?" Sydney asked.

Grace opened the curtains fully and glanced at the outfit. She reached forward and pulled the sleeves off Sydney's shoulder. "It actually suit's you," she said. "Now let's go."

Sydney trailed behind her cousin admiring the beautiful green and orange gown. Had Grace suddenly appeared in Elizabethan England, she would have naturally been mistaken for royalty.

As they exited the shop, Sydney immediately spotted Ethan and Mason. "I suppose you also phoned ahead for his outfit as well," she remarked as she noticed Mason's princely attire.

She was relieved to discover Ethan had also drawn the short peasant straw and was dressed in a tunic, red jerkin and tan pants tucked into knee-high black boots.

"According to this," Mason said, referring to his program. "There's a joust scheduled to start in a few moments. How about we check it out?"

Grace smiled and nodded. "Why not, it sounds intriguing."

Mason whipped the hat off his head and bowed low from his middle "Milady," he said, then righted himself holding out his arm for her to take.

Sydney rolled her eyes. "Who are you, and what have you done with my cousin?" she asked when Grace accepted his outstretched arm and they began to make their way towards the tournament field.

"Nice outfit," Ethan grinned, glancing down at her as they trailed behind the others.

Sydney raised an eyebrow at Ethan's mischievous look. "Eyes up. You can't talk," she teased. "Where's your codpiece?"

"Didn't have any in my size."

She was stopped from snapping out a witty retort, when the crowd surrounding the Roselawn, cheered as the first set of knights rode out into the arena. The noise was deafening as the spectators hurled out abuse and advice to their chosen horsemen.

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