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-Next Day-

I woke up and looked around. Nessie is on her cell phone talking to someone. I looked over at Beth. She is still asleeping. She now looks like a 3 year old. Nessie looks like a 14 year old now. I looked over at Jeff. He is awoke and he is just siting in his crib. He looks like a 4 mouth old now. I got up and walked over to him. He looks at me and gave me a "Let me out" look. I giggle. I grab him. He smiles. I look over at Nessie. She looks at me and Jeff. Her eyes went big. 

"What" I asked.

"He looks like a 4 mouth old now. And you might what want to look in the mirror" She said.

I walked over to my mirror while holding Jeff. My eyes went big when I saw me. I now look like a 18 year old. I heard Beth groan. I looked over at her. She sat up and looked at me and Jeff. Her eyes went big.

"Gosh! He looks like 4 mouth old now. Mommy you look like a 18 year old" She said.

Then she looked at Nessie.

"And Aunt Nessie you look like a 14 year old" She said.

Nessie nodded.

"Well, Beth you might want to look in a mirror" She said.

Beth got up and walked over to my mirror. Her eyes went big when she saw her.

"I look like 3 year old" She said.

I told her what happened when I looked like 3 year old. After I was done she started laughing. Jane walks in. She looks at me and Jeff with big eyes.

"I know. Jeff looks like a 4 mouth old. And I look like a 18 year old" I said.

She nodded. 

"Can I hold him I haven't hold him yet" She asked.

I nodded. I gave him Jane. He looked at her with a "Who the heck are you" look. Jane and I laughed.

"I'm your Aunt Jane" She said.

He looked at me and gave me a "Other one" look.

"She's your Daddy's sister" I said.

He nodded. Then my cell phone started ringing. I grabbed it. It said "Alec" 

"Mom" I yelled.

Mom walked in and looked at me. Her eyes went big.

"I know I look like a 18 year old. But I thought Alec's number wasn't in a my phone" I said.

"Well, Alec asked me last night to put his number in your phone" Mom said.

"Oh ok" I said.

She nods and left. I looked at my phone. It is still ringing. I side it to the green phone.

"Hello" I said.

"Hey Rose" I heard Alec say in the phone.

We started talking. Then Dad walked in and saw me talking on the phone.

"Who is it" He mouthed.

"Ask Mom" I mouthed back.

Dad nodded and left. Alec and I started talking again.

"Ok. Bye" I said.

"Bye" He said.

I side it to the red phone and hanged up. I looked over at Nessie. She had a grin on her face. I gave her a confused look.

"You like him don't you" She asked.

I blushed. 

"Yes, I do. And I know you like wolf boy" I said with a evil grin.

Her eyes went big. I laughed.

"Whose one" She asked.

"Your imprint Jacob" I said.

She blushes. I laughed. Mom walks in with Dad.

"What are girls talking about" Dad asked.

"Nothing" Nessie lied.

"Boys" I said truthly with an evil grin.

Their eyes went big. Nessie glares at me. I grin evilly at her.

"I'm the evil one remember" I said.

Nessie rolled her eyes.

"Who's the boys" Mom asked.

I grin evilly at Nessie. Her eyes went big.

"Don't you dare" She said.

"Her imprint Jacob" I yelled.

Mom and Dad's eyes went big. I quickly ran out the room. 

"Some sister you are" Nessie yelled. I laughed. Then I come back to the bedroom.

"You like Jacob" Mom asked shocked to Nessie.

She nods. Mom then look at me.

"Who do you like" She asked.

"Her mate and my brother Alec" Jane said with a evil grin.

I blushed. Mom smiled. Dad looked mad. 

"Well, he is my mate" I said still blushing.

"I know. And I also know he likes you too" Jane said.

"Who likes you" a voice asked behind Jane.

We all turn and saw Seth, Leah, Jacob, and Alec. Alec looks mad and jealous. I smiled at Seth, Leah, and Jacob.

"Don't you say it" Seth and Jacob said.

Leah looks confused.

"It's the dogs" I yelled.

They groan while everyone else laughs expect Leah and Alec. Leah is giving us a weird look. Alec still looks jealous. 

"Are you ok brother" Jane asked as we clamed down.

Alec shook his head no. Then he walked out. Jane signed.

"Rose I think you need to go after him" She said.

I nodded. Then I ran out of room and the house. I ran in the woods. I could smell him. He is really close. I looked around and saw nothing.

"Alec I know that's you I can smell" I said as I rolled my eyes.

I heard him signed. He walked to me.

"What are you doing here" He asked with a jealous face on.

"I wanted to see if your ok" I said.

"I'm fine" He said.

"Are you sure? Because I know when people are lying" I asked.

He signed. Then he pushed me into a tree using his vampire speed. I gasp scared.

"Rose who's the boy you like" He asked with a jealously voice.

"I-I l-like y" I shuttered out and started with tears but got off by Jane.

"She likes you idot" she yelled.

Alec looks at me and let go. I sopped. I then ran back to the house in tears.

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