Chapter Three

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Scully bites back a scream. She's terrified, but she would never admit it.

"The room is completely empty." Mulder checks again, just to be sure. "Wait," he says, before pushing Scully's back with all his strength.

"I can't even feel you, not even the pressure that I should feel on my back." Scully tries to avert her eyes from the creature in the mirror, but her focus is controlled, only letting her blink for a second. It's eyes are large and clouded over, as if it was blind.

"Alright, um..." Mulder says while encircling his partner.

As he does, something flashes in the corner of his eye. It's in the mirror opposite to Scully, waving a rotting hand. Mulder looks behind him, and there's nothing. Peering into the mirror, he feels himself freeze.

He curses, his body locked.

"Uhh, Scully?" Mulder starts.

"You didn' did." Scully groans, when Mulder doesn't respond.

"Do you see what I see?" Scully asks, repulsed by the creature in the mirror.

"Mmhm, Gollum's ugly cousin?" Mulder tries to crack a joke to hide the fact that he is scared.

"Well, there's some good news. I'm not crazy or hallucinating. Yay." Scully says sarcastically.

"There has to be a reason for this. These mirrors could be screens, playing this video on a loop." Scully tries to think against what her mind wants, that this is definitely a haunted house.

"And the whole statue issue?" Mulder questions, wishing he could at least then his head.

"Maybe there's some kind of chemical or drug in the air, stiffening joints and muscles, causing paralysis." Scully can hear Mulder sigh.

"How are we going to get out?" Mulder asks, trying to ignore the creature that was snarling like a wolf. 

Scully didn't reply.

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