I blink few times before walk past him and sit on the chair. It takes him few seconds to catch me. He takes the seat in front of me and start eating.

"French toast?" He looks at me while chewing on his food.

He's so cute.

"Yup." I answered shortly.

Just when I'm thinking we're in peace, he asks me a question.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Huh?" I only manage to say that.

"When you're walking, you were thinking about something. What is it?" He is now focused on me.

"Oh that. It's nothing." I convince him with a small smile.

"It seems like I can't believe you. You looked so distracted earlier." He drinks his milk.

I can't tell him. It's my thoughts. Plus it was about him anyway!

"Hey there." He waves his hand on my face.

"I-it's nothing really." I told him.

"Is it some dirty thoughts about me huh?" He sounds so confident with his smirk.


"Ew! Of course not, you pervert!" I glare at him.

"If not that, then tell me." He challenges me.

Ergh why is he so stubborn?!

I sigh and decided to tell him even though I know I'll only embarrass myself.

"Fine. I thought that you're too perfect for me. You deserve better. I don't deserve you. That's it." I'm ready to hear his laugh and I'm ready to hear he's making fun of me but he didn't.

He looks so serious. He wore a frown on his face. Somehow, it makes me feel anxious, nervous, scared yet curious.

I quickly stand up and went to the sink. I want to wash my plate and glass but Sehun took it away from me. I look at him confusedly.

"Let me wash it."

"It's o-"

"Let me." He softly push me and wash the plates and glasses.

He's stubborn.

I walk to the living room and sit comfortably on the sofa. I reach for the remote and open the television. I keep changing the channel to find good thing to watch but it was all boring. I sigh and lean my back on the sofa, leaving the television open.

I feel the spot beside me was taken by someone.

"Nothing to watch?" He asked.

I shook my head and look at him. I give him a I-want-to-do-something look and he seems like understand me.

"Let's watch movie." He suggested.

"What movie?" I asked.

"Miracle In Cell No.7." He grins.

"I heard about the story but haven't watch it. It's sad right?" I look at him.

"Yup. Wait, I'm going to get the dvd." He stands up and walk to his room.

Few seconds later, he come back with the dvd in his right hand.

"If we watch movie, food has to be here too." I said.

"What do you want to eat? Let's just order something."

"Ummm..how about pizza?" My eyes lit up upon talking about pizza.

He chuckles then grab his phone and order whatever pizza.

He sits beside me and play the movie. He put his hand on my shoulder and brought me closer to him. My heart is beating so fast and I feel like blushing.

His smells is so good.

He is focusing on the story while I'm focusing on his side view. My eyes are traveling from his sharp jawline to his soft lips. Somewhat, I remember our wedding day and I remember his words.

"This kiss meant nothing to me. Nothing."

Those words were enough to make my heart ache.

Ding dong.

"I'll get it." I said then walk to the front door.

It's pizza!

I asked him the cash and pay it.

When I was about to close the door, the delivery man says something.

"You're so beautiful. Do you live alone here?" He smirks and eyed me from head to toe.

If Sehun said those, I'd be blushing. But this is not Sehun and it's so creepy.

"Umm.. I-"

"Babe, why so long?" Sehun suddenly came towards my side and wrapped his hand around my waist.

My eyes wide. Is it him? Babe?

"I'm sorry but she lives with me." Sehun said coldly towards the man.

The man looks so scared and he quickly bow and walk away.


Sehun closes the door using his another hand and go to the living room with me. I put the two boxes of pizzas and sit next to him on the sofa. The movie was paused.

"I should've get the pizza instead of you." He said, looking at me.

"I-I'm sorry." I look at my lap and play with my fingers.

I can hear his sighs and suddenly two pairs of arms wrap around me.

"You shouldn't wear short pants. You're lucky again I'm here. He could do something bad towards you." He whispered.

Somehow, the thought that the man could do something bad towards me, scared me and without I know tears filled my eyes.

One tear drops and land on his shirt. I'm sure he can feels it.

He put two fingers on my chin and look at my eyes. I can't look at him properly because of the tears.

"Don't cry. You're safe." And with those words, he places his lips on top of mine.

My eyes flutter close, making the tears fall. His lips start to move and I do the same thing.

With his hands on my waist and his lips on mine, I feel safe.

The kiss is so soft.

For the sake of air, we broke the kiss. My eyes are still close. His forehead rest on mine. I can feel his breath on my face.

When I open my eyes, I was greeted by his dark brown eyes.

"Let's watch the movie." He said softly.

I nod and he plays the movie. I rest my head on his chest. I swear I can feel his heartbeats. It's so fast, just like mine.

I really hope that this kiss mean something to him.

Because to me, it means everything.


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