Chapter 52

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1 week pass by. Party day
The party was at 12 today and it was already 9. I had closed the restaurant today because I would not be able to go in all day.

I got out of bed and put my hair in a bun on top of my head and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and did my business then washed my hands and walked out the room.

I went to the kitchen with Casper behind me.

I put some biscuits in the bowl for Casper and made some toast for myself.

When I was done I went to my room and had a shower. It was 10 so I still had a long time left to the party.

I had a long shower and wrapped myself in a robe and walked out to see it was 11. I did my makeup smokey. My dress was white and blue. I made sure it wasn't all white this time. Only the bottom was white and the top was blue. I got dressed and then did my hair. I wore my black heels and I was ready to go.

I put casper on a leash and took him downstairs to the lobby.

"Excuse me"I said and the guy turned around

"Yes how may I help you" he asked smiling

"I'm going out to a party and can I leave casper here please" I said and he nodded and walked out of the counter towards casper

"Of course you can. And you look lovely m'am" he said and I smiled

"Thank you. Bye casper" I said and gave him the leash and went outside to my car and sat in.

This whole week carlos kept coming to my penthouse. But the last couple of days he stopped. I didn't know why though. It was like he was ignoring me. When I went to megan's house he wouldn't come for lunch or anything. And Amanda she would always be smirking at me.

I drove to the venue and parked my car outside.

I went inside and the guy stopped me

"Name" he asked just as nick came

"I'm gone for 2 minutes and your not even paying attention. Her picture is on the VIP list" nick said letting me

"Sorry sir" the guy said and nick nodded

"You go ahead liya. I'm just going to let the others in" nick said and I nodded

I went inside and through the doors which was opened.

I was a little lost but skylar walked towards me.

"Wow liya you look amazing" she said

"Are you sure because you look beautiful" I said looking at her red gown.

"Thanks. Come on were at the front" she said and I nodded and followed her to the table at the front.

"Oh liya you look beautiful" megan said and I smiled

"Thank you" I said and sat down next to Amanda.

"Your just in time. Carlos is going to do a small speech" megan said just as Carlos came up on the stage.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming to the party and I hope you enjoy it. The food will be served now and after that I will be coming back on stage to make a big announcement" carlos said and very one clapped as he left.

"Well he made a small announcement" megan said and I laughed

"Hey rose" Carlos said and sat next to Amanda who was smiling

"Hi carlos" I said and he smiled

The food was amazing. We had just finished and I went to go and get some water for myself. I was at the food table when Amanda walked towards me

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