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I was twelve when I had my first boyfriend—or so I thought at that time. Anywho, his name was Prince. It was during our recess that time when he sat on the seat beside me and confessed that he had a huge crush on me.

I didn't really like him, no. I didn't even know his name until after he confessed his feelings for me. But I liked the attention. So, the very next day, I made him my boyfriend. A week later, I gave him a swift peck on the cheek. Two days after that, he dumped me and told me he had a crush on another girl.

I was fourteen when a guy of my age asked if he could court me. His name was Yuan. I liked Yuan. He was sweet. He showered me with adoration. He gave me his time.

It was after two months when I gave him the answer that he wanted to hear. I said yes.

He was happy with me and he kept me happy. On our third date as a couple, I gave him my first kiss. Two weeks later, he broke up with me and then found his way to another girl.

I had eighteen boyfriends the next four years and all of them left me two, three, four weeks after we kissed... or did some none below the belt petting.

I didn't get it at first. Alam ko sa sarili ko na girlfriend material ako. I mean, I really made an effort to be one after all.

Magaling akong magluto, sanay akong maglaba, mamalantsa, maghugas ng pinggan, maglinis ng bahay. I took my time, learning all the househould chores.

Camouflaging is my talent. A total shapeshifter. I have the remarkable skill to pretend to be someone's ideal person. It's my second nature to please someone.

Kaya nga hindi ko makuha kung bakit iniiwan nila ako. And it happens every time we'll be intimate.

Then one night, while watching a really explicit and blood boiling movie... It clicked.

They broke up with me because they wanted sēx. So, I researched about it, watched a few films to get the basic, read books to learn how to be good at it. And a few days after my eighteenth birthday, I lost my virginity and gave my boyfriend number nineteen the best sēx of his life.

And guess what? He left me without a word after two freaking days.

At the age of nineteen, I was in a brief relationship (that includes taking them to paradise) with two guys in just one year.

Now, on my twenty second boyfriend, I realized that either I had a magical kitty who points guys to their soulmates... or I was cursed.

Either way, I embraced the suck for the wanted attention and the awesome sex.

"We don't have to do this." he said, breathless as I continued ravaging his lips.

I gripped on his hair, pulling it hard just to hear him groan. I pushed his face closer and sucked his hard tongue. My hand began to move down. He groaned again the moment I had a good grip on his length.

He was hard and forming a huge tent against his pants. I mentally gave myself a round of applause. I've only kissed him for a few minutes and wallah, my very own flag ceremony.

"Ken..." he moaned my shortened name when I rolled my palm against his length.

I can already foresee what will happen after two days, or maybe after two weeks. It has always been no where close to heartbreak with me ever since, sure, I won't be sad about it but I'd be disappointed.

On the flip side, I'll have another great, great sex to add in my list. Since we'll be breaking up and all, might as well, right?

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