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If you're in one of those typical cliché high schools, you always have that one group. The group of adolescents who think they're better than everyone else.

Maybe reasons of: Parents are rich and have a high social status; You are really attractive; Or you're a school athlete. Whatever the reason, there is always one of those type groups.

Then you have the leader of said popular group. The one who commands, demands and puts everyone in their rightful place even if it's not where they belong.

Sometimes group leaders most likely have majority or peer pressure on them. Not doing anything that could easily demolish that precious perfect reputation they worked so hard to build.

Like for instance, going out with someone not of the same hierarchy as them. That could take away that status immediately and knock your ego down a couple thousand notches. Keeping things secret may possibly work but who's to say there aren't eyes watching everywhere.

Being that careful must be awfully difficult in the hidden gem that is Storybrooke, Maine. The place where word spreads faster than wildfire. Anyone who is anyone is going to know your business. Whether you were open about it or not. Always has been always will be.

Our story starts here with the infamous Emma "Swan" Nolan. Most beautiful and popular girl at Storybrooke High. Every guy (and some girls) wants to get into her pants. Who wouldn't with her cute "prescription" black rimmed glasses, button nose, emerald eyes, high cheek bones, color filled lips, full breasts, firm round ass and her ability to speak her mind.

Emma and her group of friends rule the school. From the school sponsored events to the quality of food served in the cafeteria to the quantity of homework given in the classrooms; they run it all.

Don't get in their way. Don't talk to them. Don't look at them. Don't even think about them and maybe they won't ruin the rest of your experience in high school. Simple as that really.

They would never, in a million years, be caught talking to let alone dating a nerd, an emo, a goth or more low down, a nobody. They even shudder at the thought of coming close to the idea. One of the lowest of the low things you could do in their situation. Which, in result, would end in instant shame or being ridiculed.

And then there's Killian Jones. He doesn't have a cool nickname because he doesn't have any friends to give him one. Now he's fine with that and has been for a very long time or at least he got over it a long time ago. His rank on the social chain of high school has been the bottom, probably will never change.

No girl would want to go out with him. I mean, come on, he has the full "girl repellent" style going on (unintentionally of course). His thick lensed glasses, acne and non-athletic stature practically scream "Don't date me".

Just got his braces off last year. Basically one last thing to check off the list of reasons why people should make fun of him. This is why he has been (at least) trying to be low-key about his presence being made known his past six years of junior high and high school combined.

Surely that can be very easy to maintain the senior year of high school when you're being kept as a big secret by the most beautiful, popular, judgemental, attention-seeking, peer pressured, power hungry, undetectable low self-esteemed, hypocritical girl in highschool.


Here I am again. Writing another. Oy ve. I cannot stop with these ideas.

Tell me how you like it. I keep rereading this prologue because it just sounds so good. Makes you want to read the rest.

I notice that some people are like (not calling out though) "___ votes for next chaper." I mean, you should like your story enough to keep writing it whether people like it or not honestly. That's just my opinion.

Vote------Comment------I love you babes ^_^

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