Chapter 2

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While checking the time I put my shoes on and grab my keys. Outside it was pretty nice, so there is no need for a jacket. I take a deep breath, close the door and start walking to the bus stop.

I don't really know any of the neighbor kids since I never actually go outside that much (or socially interact with others). The bus stop is only a few hundred meters away from my house. All the others probably took the earlier bus, at least I hope so.

The streets are empty, no cars pass me. As I approach the halt I recognize a boy walking towards me. We reach the halt at the same time. But as our eyes meet, they lock onto each other and I feel a weird pressure on my chest, making it difficult to breath.

His green eyes really compliment the raven black hair. He also has his bag over one shoulder, like all the cool kids do it these days. His clothing style reminds me of the mannequins standing in the windows of shops. And to be perfectly honest, he looks like a model cut out of a fashion magazine.

His gaze is hypnotizing, sending shivers down my spine, as I study him closer. The boy is only a few feet away from me, but I guess we're about the same height. I've never seen him here before. Or even at school. Maybe he is older than I am, but just looks about my age?

Suddenly he snaps his finger right in front of my face, that's when I realize that he has been talking to me this whole time. I quickly focus on his lips trying to find out what he had just said. But its easier said than done because he really speaks ridiculously fast and by the look on his face he doesn't seem too happy.

"What... staring at...Bus... high.", should I answer something? I'm so confused.

"Uhm, the bus should be here any minute.", he rolls his eyes and continues rambling on. I desperately cling to his lips.

"That's not... I asked... bus... at the high school." I don't know whether this was a question or a comment, but I don't want him to know that I'm deaf. I don't want him to do the same things they did to me.

My mind went wild, terrified of what he could be capable of doing. I turned my head away and lowered my gaze to the ground. I was too scared to look at him again. My cheeks were hot and probably red like cherries, but I still didn't want to risk a glance over to the black haired boy. This is just a perfect example of why I don't like taking the bus or leaving my house. I always end up in situations like these.

I step from one foot to another, trying to calm me down a little. Shame. It felt like walking around in the nude. Huh? What am I talking about? He doesn't even know me, why should I be ashamed of something?

"I'm sorry...", I whisper, hoping that he didn't hear it. I flinch as a strong hand grabs a hold of my collar, pulling me towards him. His green eyes glare at me in both anger and confusion, as he continues talking.

"Are... retarded... what... your deal... asked... simple question... to stupid... answer." His face is so close to mine and I can smell his aftershave or deodorant. Probably Playboy or something.

Please, don't touch me... I dodge his glare and watch a white furry cat cross a few yards and stop to look around. I know her, it's the neighbors cat Pure, at least I think that's her name.

I get kicked out of my animal-watching as the boy lets go of me and pushes me back a few feet. His head is turned away so I can't see his face. The bus arrives a few seconds later, that's probably why he let go of me. I sure wouldn't want to cause a scene if I just moved here.

As the yellow bus comes to an halt next to us, the black haired boy enters before me, giving me a hateful look before sitting down on a free seat in the third row. He stares out of the window as I pass him, taking a seat a few rows behind him (of course on the other side of the bus).

What the heck is his deal anyway? Picking on kids you don't even know? That's low. This day couldn't have started any worse, really.

I pull my phone out of my left pants pocket and hold the black screen in front of me. The reflection shows a messed up collar, that guy even managed to open the first few buttons. My eyes widen as I look at my face, my eyes are wet, so are my cheeks.

Did I cry?

But why didn't I feel anything, I mean, it's not normal to just start crying (I guess). I start to furiously scratch my head again, almost dropping my phone in the progress.

Why does this have to happen to me? Now he probably thinks I'm a loser or something.


Why do I care about what he thinks anyway?! Not like I care! I rub my eyes with my sleeve and stare out of the window. Maybe he'll forget about it.

As I slowly start to drift off in my thoughts a strong vibration around my wrist pulls me back. A message from Claire, one of my oldest friends, no, the oldest friend. We've known each other since birth, so we're basically like siblings.

Hey hot stuff, hows it hanging? I'm waiting for you behind the school, I need to tell you something awesome! K C U! P.S Don't be late, idiot.

Have I already mentioned that she is very... special (yeah let's call it special). Claire isn't like all these other girls in class, she gives a damn about looks, if she thinks you suck, you suck, and looks can't save you from her judgment. But I guess, that's what makes her so special to me. I can't help but break a faint smile. Sometimes she really is the reason I wake up ever morning. Out of the blue, the bus suddenly makes a sharp turn and breaks, so I didn't only hit my head against the seat in front of me, but also on the window.

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse. Curve ball. I touch my aching forehead, where it already started to swell. Well isn't this just great. Soon after, the headache starts to pitch in and even the rest of my good mood (it wasn't that good to begin with) drains out like a water bottle with a hole. I hate this day! I hate it! I hate it!

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