Chapter 24: A Battle Brewing

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"So I told her not to push him, and she did!" Jett said to a group of guys and girls.

I stood there and listened to what else she had to say, "I was like, 'Scarlet, don't push him, you'll go to jail', but she didn't care."

"So is that what happened?" I said as I stepped from out of the corner.

She jumped a bit, startled by my voice. She glanced at me with wide eyes as I said, "Go on with your story, I'm not stopping you, unless you're lying."

"I'm not lying," she replied coldly as she narrowed her eyes.

I shrugged, "Then finish the story." The group of students looked at us like it was a battle in the wild west.

She turned back to them and continued, but I cut her off, "You can face me you know, it's not like I'm the one you snitched on."

"Fine," she snapped and faced me and continued, "Anyway, she climbed to the top of the roof and pushed him off, just like that." The bell rang and the group scattered to class except for Jett and I.

"You are such a liar," I chuckled, she glared at me and started walking away.

"Face it, you turned Scarlet in for money and tried to make it seem like you turned her in to look like hero, but you're just a selfish person."

She stopped and looked at me, "Whatever and you were going to snitch on her to be a better person, right?"

I went up to her, "At least I didn't do it for money and since you have it, that's how much her bail is."

"So you're telling me to bail her out??"
I shook my head, "Oh no, I'm telling you to watch your back because people will be coming after you and she has sources that can bail her out and if she does get out, she's coming after your behind."

She exhaled, "So you're besties again?"

"We made up, but we're not at that point again, it's funny how you've always wanted us to be friends again and that selfish move you pulled, brought us together."

She opened her mouth, but I interrupted her, "You should get to class," I brushed past her and made my way to Mr. Dames' room.

I noticed Mel glare at me and I said, "What??"

"Don't talk to me like that before I slap the tattooes off your arms!" she snapped.

"You can't even fight, you're a miserable splat, that's why he left you," I said calmly.

"Girls, that's enough!" Mr. Dames said. She faced the front and I pretended to pay attention to him.

When class was finished, I grabbed my stuff and headed upstairs, I decided to cause some drama with Terria, I didn't like her, I went up to Erin and told her, "She's wants to bribe Ali to keep her mouth shut about her going to the STD clinic, somebody told me."

She told Brian and Carl, the next thing I knew was everybody was talking about how Terria had crabs. "Damn Terria, how have you been infecting??" one person asked as she walking down the hallway.

"She's too busy working in Irina's company." I laughed at the person.

"What?? No I don't someone lied, I don't have crabs, that person is a liar, I don't work with Irina, she's disgusting!" Terria yelled.

"I'm disgusting?! You're the one that has crabs!" Irina shouted.

"How do you know that you don't have something??"

"She protects herself, that's why!" Tyler called. Everyone looked at him, why the hell was he defending her? She cheated on him a thousand times, I thought. They were holding hands, I chuckled to myself.

"No you don't!!" Terria yelled.

"You did give me money to shut me up, what are you talking about?!" Ali screamed.

"I gave that to you so you can pay Andrea back," Terria said.

"No, you said it clearly, 'Here, don't tell anyone about the STD clinic, I might have something, this will ruin me if it does!'" Ali confirmed. She swung on Irina as they both punched Terria, Nisha punched Ali as she came to Terria's defense. Tyler pulled Irina back and guided her down the hallway.

I turned around and made my way to the corner of the hallway and saw Jett by her locker. I walked up to her, "So how's that $25,000? Is it burning a hole in your pocket?"

"Bitch please, I know you want me to bail Scarlet out," she scoffed as she closed her locker.

"I'm not telling you to do anything."

"So what do you want??" she was irritated. I shook my head and she opened her mouth, but her phone rang.

She picked it up and I heard a machine say, "You have a phone call from Scarlet Jenson, press one to pick it up, or two to decline."

She pressed one and I heard Scarlet's sarcastic voice, "Hello, Jett."

"Hello, murderer," Jett answered.

"I didn't kill them, and you weren't there, I know you want me to rot in here bitch and I won't, I have people to get me out of here," Scarlet said in a hushed voice.

"Like Autumn??" she replied.

I shook my head and kept on listening, "No, she won't bail me out and I know you won't, but when I get out of here, I'm fucking your stupid ass up," she said.

Jett rolled her eyes, "Ok, have fun trying to do that behind a cell, see you in court, bye."

"I guess she's interested on beating your ass and so am I, but she'll get to you," I walked away. She had no idea what Scarlet and I was capable of even though she's known us for years.

I don't want her money, I want her to be embarrassed and that's exactly what I plan to do because she was the sneakiest person I've ever known, she learned from me and I planned to take that power away from her as soon as she got it.

Jett thinks she can't be touched just because she has $25,000 to her name, but she'll know soon that she'll go down with the rest of the bitches I took down too.

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