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Summary: You and your friend go to a coffee shop, where you first meet Matt.

What to know:
F/N-Friend name
F/G-Friend gender (he/she/they)
H/C-Hair color

Your POV
     You and your friend F/N walk into the town coffee shop, hearing the bell above the door jingle. You two sit at your regular table, and continue chat.
     "All I'm saying," F/N says. "Is that it would be better for the school!"
     "Gossip hour?" You ask. F/G nods excitedly. You roll your eyes.
     You noticed F/N looking past you, (they were sitting on the side facing the door) so you asked, "What're you looking at?" F/G giggles.
     "Your future boyfriend." They evilly tell you. You blush dark maroon.
     "You know I'm not looking for a boyfriend," you tell F/N. "But I appreciate you looking out for me." Suddenly, you could hear footsteps approaching.
     "Hello," a man kindly introduces. "I'm Matthew, and I'll be taking care of you. I've heard your regulars?" F/N nods.
     "Yeah, we come here a lot," they explain. You don't say a word.
     "What can I get you two?" Your friend orders for the both of you, and Matthew walks away.
      "That was him!" F/N shrieks, making you jump.
      "Shush!" You covered their mouth. "Be quiet! I don't want to make a bad first impression."
     "So you do like him!" F/N shrieks louder. You put your head on the table.
                                 • • •
     You two get your food and drinks, and say thank you. "Just doing business!" Matthew happily chirped.
     "You're new here right?" You finally talk to him. He smiles.
     "Why yes! I thought no one would ask!" He laughs, and you write down a mental note.
     'Laugh is like a dolphin, but works good with him.'
     You smile, and Matthew walks away.
     "Since when did you flirt?" F/N mysteriously asks. You blush pink.
     "I-I wasn't flirting!" You tried to tell F/G.
     "You so were." They come-back. You sigh.
     "I'm using the restroom." You mutter, and get up from your seat.
                              • • •
     After you wash your hands, you look in the mirror. "He's really cute actually," you whisper to yourself. "Maybe F/N is right." You smile, open the door, and walk out standing tall.
     Only to crash into Matthew.
     "Oh my gosh!" You yell, seeing the spilt drinks on the floor. "I'm so so sorry!" You hear Matthew make a sound.
     "Are you c-crying?" You nervously ask. He looks up at you with a bright red face.
     "Of course not!" He laughs. "I was hoping something crazy would happen today! That's how I know that this is a real job!" You place a strand of your H/C hair behind your ear, and pick up the cups.
     "H-here," you try to make an effort. "I don't know if they're any use now." He smiles.
     "Thanks," Matthew pauses, but then picks up the tray where the cups. "By the way, you can call me Matt if you're a regular." You try to to grab words.
     "O-ok! Th-thanks! We'll defiantly come back again!" You wave good-bye to Matt, and head back to your table, where F/N was smiling from ear to ear.
     "Go to the car," you told them sternly. "This is on me if you tell no one." They laugh.
     When F/N heads to the door, you give Matt a good tip amount. You even leave a cute little smiley face.
     "'Glad to meet you Matt :)'" you write.
     I really got into this one! If you all like this kind of prompt, you can leave requests on how you'd like these types of chapters to go. Certain places, people, etc.
     Speaking of requests, I see people starting to leave them! Requests really help the book! :3
     I hope you all like the story! Bye! <3

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