Chapter 10

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(Y/n) pov:
'I feel as if i am forgetting something or some one. ' i got up then after having some tea and
Scone. I got ready to go see alois. 'Im actually kind of glad my parents are gone. Now they cannot force me to have a maid or need a butler. And i can finally manage on my own like i always have wanted to. Although i really do miss them. '
I got finished getting ready when claude knocked. "Come in" i say.
Claude pov: (this is gonna be bad af. Oh well. Im to tires to deal with it.)

'I think i now understand why that phantomhive butler tried to get her back.' "My master wishes to see you my lady. Follow me." I led her to where my master was and knocked. We heard a faintly bored "come in" we went in. "Lord trancy, i am here what is it that you need?" (If you can catch the faint Shakespeare reference in that you get a shout out in the next chapter!:3) i smirked to myself thinking of how much longer sebastian can last without coming for her. 'You wont be getting her back anytime soon sebastian.'  My highness pulled me from my thoughts by saying "claude make sure she stays away from him.  And make sure she has the greatest time here and not there! " he said cheerfully." Yes your highness " i bowed and decided to take (y/n) on a tour of the manor. When we were walking we heard a crash.
(Y/n) pov:

Claude and i heard a crash and turned around only to see another butler had came in through a window. I just looked shocked and confused. After a few menacing glares shared between the butlers one throw silver butter knives and claude threw gold butter knives.


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